Monday, April 1, 2013

Keep In Mind: March

Having seen many YouTube videos where the makeup lover does a monthly favorites video I thought I would do something similar but in post form.

Each month I will list two "favorites" to Keep In Mind, provided I have two; one that is something I have not reviewed in the previous month and one that is something I have reviewed in the previous month.   If I don't have anything that I considered something worth keeping in mind for the month, or if it is the same as the previous month, I will say so. 

Needless to say, what I am starting off with that has not been reviewed is always a favorite so it is always something I keep in mind and will get more of when I run out.

Not reviewed Keep In Mind:

e.l.f. eye primer

I have used this for almost a year now (not this specific tube) and I have always found it very helpful at preventing creasing, but it wasn't until using it to test the staying power of eyeshadow did I realize just how well it has been working.  This particular tube is not a full sized as it came from an eye kit from so I am hoping to get a full sized one soon so I don't run out.

Reviewed Keep In Mind:

Madame Milly Nail Polish (in Red)

While I haven't posted the review yet (will be working on that next), I will go ahead and list it here as a favorite.  Nail polish is probably my favorite kind of makeup because it can be in any color and a large variety of finishes and textures now exist, but mostly because I can see it while it is on my nails without having to use a mirror.  This particular red makes me feel bolder and I smile every time I look at it.  I like it so much I even put it on my toes today to start off the month with a fresh pedicure and to be able to keep seeing it.   This polish does chip so it isn't perfect, but when you find a color you love so much, sometimes you are willing to look past that or try a better top coat to see if it will wear longer.