Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Madame Milly Nail Polish in Red

The kit this is from was purchased for me by my husband a few months ago.  I am not sure if the same kit is still available; this series of reviews is intended to help with deciding whether future purchases from this brand is worthwhile.

Nail Polish:    Madame Milly Nail Polish in Red

Day Applied:    3/23/13

Cost: (Without any discounts)    Kits at Kohl's range from $20 to $40.  Kohl's does run regular sales so I always recommend waiting for one of those when considering makeup there.

Coats until same color as the bottle:    1

One coat, other than on the thumb which required two, although I think that was only because the nail is larger on the thumb.

Cream:      Appears to be a cream red.

Drying time:    Between 5 to 10 minutes to be touch dry.

Image after one coat:

Image after two coats

Day Two:   

Didn't get top coat on until later in the day, but it still seems to be holding up well, no obvious chipping.

Day Two Image   

Bonus image of how much red nail polish transferred off my nails and on to the clear coat brush when doing the top coat.  Example of why I always wipe the brush down between each nail before returning it to the bottle.

Day Three:   

Tiny chip on tip of fourth nail right hand, and small chip on thumb of left hand.

Day Three Image 

Day Four:   

Small chip on right hand thumb.  Very light tip wear on the right hand that the left hand doesn't really show.  There is also a circular chip in the top center of the right hand middle nail because I accidentally scraped it on something that I now forget what it was, but I did think to myself, this stuff scrapes easily.

Day Four Image   

Day Five:   

Left hand nails, very light tip wear.  I am going to try and be more active with my hands from now on to see if that can be more accurate to how others would find the wear of the nail polish, but no promises because I have lots of joint pain when I do too much with my hands and fingers.  Right hand nails, tiny chip has appeared on the pinky nail, otherwise looks much the same has yesterday.

Day Five Image 

Day Six:   

Lot of chipping today.  Right hand nails, index and middle nails are almost completely gone on the top 1/5 of the nails, thin line of chipping across the top of the other three nails.  Left hand faired better but still has some medium chipping on the middle nail and some small chips on the tip of the thumb.

Day Six Image   

Day Seven:   

Right hand nails chipped pretty badly across the top and on the index and middle nails also have chips down the left side of the nails. Left hand middle nail's chip is larger.  Left hand index nail chip on the left side of the nail.

Day Seven Image 

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