Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: L.A. Colors Chunky Lip Pencil in Daring Red

This was purchased for me by my husband at Dollar Tree. As of the time of writing this it was still available in Dollar Trees as part of the regular L.A. Colors line sold in stores.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

One Note: Colormates Eyeshadow in 61624 Bright Eyes

This was purchased for me by my husband for $1 from Dollar Tree nearly two years ago, availability is questionable. This is a one note because I wasn't really planning to review this one, but I did want to see how I could make the colors more useable for me. In the end I was able to find a method I liked and I did monitor the time the eye shadow lasted as well.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Note: Wet n Wild Going in the Wild 34052 Eye Shadow Pallette

This was purchased for me by my husband a while ago. As it was a limited edition palette from Wet n Wild, it is no longer available at the drugstore. This was used for What's New Wednesday and Second Try Saturday because I had never used it since it was originally purchased so long ago and I am trying to feel comfortable using more of my makeup than what I have been using. Calling this a one note because I only used this palette twice and I did not test each individual shadow with the e.l.f. primer for color and wear times necessary for a complete review.

Wet n Wild eye shadows, both loved and feared by me. Loved for their range of colors, reasonable prices, and generally beautiful pigmentation. Feared for their generally beautiful pigmentation. I have had some less than enjoyable experiences with some of the darker of Wet n Wilds deeper/darker eye shadows because they tended to completely cover my eye lid when I apply even the tiniest amount and then blend them out with a separate/clean fluffy brush. So while I love getting all the Wet n Wild eye shadows and my husband knows if he sees a limited edition set at the drugstore that he will make me jump with joy if he buys them for me, I rarely end up actually using them.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Review: Colormates: Tropical Passion 61652

This product was purchased for me, by my husband, most likely for $1 at either Dollar Tree or Grocery Outlet, I cannot actually remember right now and a scroll through my Instagram account leads me to believe that it was purchased before I started the account. I am not sure if this is still available, reviewing more for type of shadow from Colormates than this particular palette.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Empties: September 2015

These were not all used up this month, this is just when I got around to posting these.

Target's Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Acetone

I like this, it works for me, I already have another bottle that I am using.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

One Note: Colormates Blush in 62332 Cashmere

This blush was purchased at the 99 Cent Store a while ago, not sure of current availability.

Of the four blushes, this one is the second darkest in the pan, but gives a natural looking flush to the cheeks.  When I use this over a liquid foundation that has been set with a powder it shows as a lighter flush of color, which can be built up if desired. When used over a cream blush, normally the e.l.f. shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal, it shows a little more strongly with less building, and more strongly of the pink. In both cases the blush applies and blends easily. This blush does show more quickly and with less products than the Tawny Peach or the Deeptone blush, so more care is needed if you have a heavy hand with the blush application; it is not uncommon for me to tap a light layer of my setting powder over the blush to tone it down slightly after application.

This is my favorite for the four Colormates blushes I have reviewed.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throw Back Thursday: My Original Makeup Collection

While I am not likely to ever share the full extent of my current makeup collection, when I was going through my Facebook photos a few days ago I came across an album I created and shared with my mother to show her what all I had in my makeup collection. This album was created in June of 2012, the reintroduction back to using makeup, and my husband's discovery that makeup is a good distraction for me, was in December of 2011. Once my husband realized makeup was a good distraction he started buying it regularly which is reflected in the quantity of makeup in the photos below.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Keep In Mind: August 2015

benetint lip balm spf 15: 

This is a no longer available for purchase (as far as I can tell as it was not on the Benefit Cosmetics website when I checked for it) product, that is labeled as already being expired, though I am sure that is more related to the sunscreen part than then lip balm part as this basically didn't get used from when it was first purchased for me multiple years ago, until early in August this year when I rediscovered it while working with the Snupps app trying to get all of my makeup inputted into it. It looks fine, smells fine, feels fine, and so far as not caused a problem on my lips.

I love this lip balm. I love it because it gives a glossy red tint to the lips. I love it because I can use it on days when this is the only makeup I apply. I love it because I can use it on days when I have a full face of makeup on. It just works with everything I have tried it with so far. I also love that when it wears down, you can reapply without having to wipe off whatever is remaining on the lips, and it still looks good; you don't get that with a lot of lip products, or at least I don't.

When this was purchased for it, it was something that I put away and only looked at occasionally, not because there was anything wrong with it, but because I fear using higher end makeup, because when I use up something that is higher end, the odds of being able to replace it are much lower. Now it truly cannot be replaced, so when I found it and realized it was still okay to use, I decided I would try and use it up now. Then I found I loved it, which is a little unfortunate since it cannot be replaced. I did lookup the new Benebalm to see if that would be an option, but it has mango butter in it and I am allergic to mangos.