Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Note: Wet n Wild Going in the Wild 34052 Eye Shadow Pallette

This was purchased for me by my husband a while ago. As it was a limited edition palette from Wet n Wild, it is no longer available at the drugstore. This was used for What's New Wednesday and Second Try Saturday because I had never used it since it was originally purchased so long ago and I am trying to feel comfortable using more of my makeup than what I have been using. Calling this a one note because I only used this palette twice and I did not test each individual shadow with the e.l.f. primer for color and wear times necessary for a complete review.

Wet n Wild eye shadows, both loved and feared by me. Loved for their range of colors, reasonable prices, and generally beautiful pigmentation. Feared for their generally beautiful pigmentation. I have had some less than enjoyable experiences with some of the darker of Wet n Wilds deeper/darker eye shadows because they tended to completely cover my eye lid when I apply even the tiniest amount and then blend them out with a separate/clean fluffy brush. So while I love getting all the Wet n Wild eye shadows and my husband knows if he sees a limited edition set at the drugstore that he will make me jump with joy if he buys them for me, I rarely end up actually using them.

The swatches:

The first picture is finger swatches of the shadows, one swipe each and then swatched onto unprimed skin.

The second picture is the eye lid shadow on the left column and the crease shadow from the right column, applied with a brush and built up as much as I could to get them to look like the shadows in the pan. These shadows are not that pigmented and if I had done brush swatches like I had done the finger swatches, you would not have been able to see them as it took a lot of building to get anything to show.

How these shadows were used:

Both times used over the Wet n Wild Fergie primer

On Wednesday I used the left column of eye shadows and I swapped the placement of the shadow labeled eyelid and the shadow labeled crease.

  • The Browbone shadow is a shimmer shadow with low pigmentation and probably only good for browbone highlighting so long as you do not mind the color not showing that much.
  • The Eyelid shadow in this column seems to be the least pigmented of the eye shadows in the palette. When I applied it in the crease and on the outer portion of the eye lid, it only seemed to create a shadow, but not really give a color. This may be because it was in part going over the purple shadow and the eyelid shadow also has a purple tinge to it. It could be built up enough, for me, to be a crease color and give shading without going too deep and dark for my comfort.
  • The Crease shadow seemed an unusual choice for me which is why I applied it as the eye lid shadow instead of in the crease. It came off as a brighter pastel purple and built up quickly. When blending other shadows over the top of it, some of the brightness of the purple was lost which is why over all it seemed a most pastel color even with reapplication of the color to bring it back up.
  • The Definer shadow while pigmented was not so pigmented to take over the entire eye lid when I blended it out. I used a flat shader brush, just getting shadow on the very tip of it, and then dotting it in the outer most corner of the eye lid right into the socket between the eye and the bone that surrounds it. I then blended it with a fluffy blending brush and was able to make the outer V area look a little darker without ending up with the shadow all over the lid. I liked this Definer shade. Not really sure it showed as strongly as in the pan, because I only used a very little in order to maintain control over it and I do not generally favor very dark eye shadow looks on myself.

The result I got was a purple smokey eye that I liked and would do wear again, though I might try changing the arrangement of the shadows in the future.

On Saturday I used the right column as suggested by Wet n Wild with their labeling. Not sure if a better placement for the shadows is possible, but I was confused by how they worked together as bright pastel green and gray smokey did not really work as a combination I found appealing.

  • The Browbone shadow, much like the other one, is a shimmer shadow with low pigmentation.
  • The Eyelid shadow is a brighter pastel green. As with the purple in the other column, it was easy to mute this shade down when blending with either the crease or the Definer shadow so reapplication to build it back up was necessary.
  • The Crease shadow is gave more of a gray/brown shadow appearance over the pastel green. There was something about the combination of these two shadows together that I was having a hard time getting into, but I cannot really explain why as I have liked green and brown shadows together in the past, but I do not think I have ever used this light of a green before with this dark of a brown. This column was already starting to lose me here.
  • The Definer shadow took over all of the Crease shadow and started to take over the Eyelid shadow, but I noticed before I completely wiped it out. When I tested it with a brush on the back of my hand it was very crumbly and even after tapping off as much excess as I could, still ended up with bit of black pigment all over my hand and really, a tiny dot of it ended up making a large section of my hand gray.

The result I got from this was a brightish pastel green with a gray that seemed poorly matched to the green. I am not sure how it would be best to combine the four colors in the right column on the eye lid to give an appearance I would like, but the suggested method was not it.


I think each of the individual shadows within this palette will be fine for me to use in future, with the possible exception of the black. I could possibly even use some of them together in some combination. While the left column I did like the result of, I do wonder if between the eight colors in here, I could come up with better combinations, possibly in pairs or trios. With the Wet n Wild Fergie primer the lasting time is all day for me. Wet n Wild is still a brand I love and still a brand I fear when it comes to eye shadows, but I do know now, that at least seven out of the eight shadows in here are easily useful for me.