Saturday, September 19, 2015

Review: Colormates: Tropical Passion 61652

This product was purchased for me, by my husband, most likely for $1 at either Dollar Tree or Grocery Outlet, I cannot actually remember right now and a scroll through my Instagram account leads me to believe that it was purchased before I started the account. I am not sure if this is still available, reviewing more for type of shadow from Colormates than this particular palette.

In reviewing my notes from wearing these eye shadows, the below list how they worked for me.
  • All shades lasted between 4 (four) to 6 (six) hours before creasing over the e.l.f. $1 eye lid primer.
  • All shades appeared as a wash of color meaning that while the color was evident on the lids, you could still tell there was skin underneath the color.
  • All shades do cause fallout, the fallout is mostly shimmer, though the darker shades do drop more obvious pigment as well. Suggest tapping off brush well before applying and recommend applying with a flat shader brush and a patting motion.
  • When used together the colors do blend well.
  • When used over the Wet N Wild primer from the Fergie line they last more than 8 hours.
Summation: I like this palette, but I would recommend using it with the primer from Wet N Wild or something similar over the one from e.l.f. or something similar. It is staying in the day makeup rotation.