Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: L.A. Colors Chunky Lip Pencil in Daring Red

This was purchased for me by my husband at Dollar Tree. As of the time of writing this it was still available in Dollar Trees as part of the regular L.A. Colors line sold in stores.

The swatches:

The bottom swatch is one pass of the lip pencil.
The top swatch is three back and forth passes of the lip pencil to build up the color.

The review:

A lip stick in a large pencil form, this applies with a very smooth and creamy texture. It takes about two coats to get the fully opaque color in the tube, though I do think that the color on the lips looks slightly bright than it does in the tube. It is light weight on the lips and feels comfortable to me; it is not a drying lip color. The color does wear off with talking, eating, and drinking, but the lips still appear to have an opaque color on them. The one negative thing I can say about the lip pencil is that the color does shift over time as it wears down. This particular pencil wears down from a bold red to a bold pink. It is not a bright pink, you can still get a sense of it leaning towards the red color, but it is not the red of the tube, confirmed by reapplication of the color on one lip while comparing to the color still remaining on the other lip.

I am curious to try a non-bright/bold color to see if they shift tone as well.