Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throw Back Thursday: My Original Makeup Collection

While I am not likely to ever share the full extent of my current makeup collection, when I was going through my Facebook photos a few days ago I came across an album I created and shared with my mother to show her what all I had in my makeup collection. This album was created in June of 2012, the reintroduction back to using makeup, and my husband's discovery that makeup is a good distraction for me, was in December of 2011. Once my husband realized makeup was a good distraction he started buying it regularly which is reflected in the quantity of makeup in the photos below.
Top of Cart:

When I first asked my husband for makeup, I didn't think it would ever need its own piece of furniture, but after six months of shopping, I ended up with one of the ten drawer sets frequently seen in YouTube videos. It is a metal frame with plastic drawers and while not the most stable of pieces of furniture, it works for me and I still use it, in fact I kind of love it because the drawers are rainbow in color and I like colorful things.

On the top of this cart, at the time, I kept my nail polish in the bucket (I will show all the nail polishes at the end) and the OPI box, the rarely used scented products because fragrances and I do not work well together, a small collection of Chococat/Hello Kitty stuff, and my Physicians Formula setting powder that I am still working through and very nearly finished with, though it will still be a while before it is completed.

With the exception of the nail polish remover, everything that is on the top of this I still have.

First drawer:

The top drawer was my daily makeup drawer, so this was the stuff I was using every day that I managed to get makeup on. The top right thing is the first piece of makeup my husband bought me and unfortunately died in a depotting accident; it was the first attempt at depotting, it didn't go well. A Markwins The Color Workshop palette; I loved it, particularly the blushes and the lip colors/lip sticks. The eye shadows also worked surprisingly well for the most part, there were a couple that didn't really show, but most did, and a couple were so pigmented they were hard for me to use.
The Victoria's Secret lip gloss (next to the palette) is still sitting in the collection, in a box of stuff that probably will not get used, due to age. That lip gloss has been around longer than I have known my husband, which is more than 10 years. But I cannot bring myself to part with it now because it was one of my early makeup purchases. The eye shadow from Victoria's Secret has actually been moved back into the current daily makeup because I was looking at it the other day and realized it was still usable. The eye brow cake in there, I am still using to this day.

Everything else in this drawer has been used up and repurchased or replaced with different products. The e.l.f. eye shadow primer has been repurchased, the e.l.f. eye liner may still be in a drawer, but may have been used up, not sure. The Physicians Formula Pressed Powder, Concealer Trio, and Green Primer have all been used up. I have many pressed powders from Physicians Formula and I did enjoy this, though I was glad when it was finished because it felt like a triumph. The concealer trio I have another of because my husband found it on sale at Ross with some other things. The green primer and I had a strained relationship. I could only apply the thinnest layer possible or it would ball up on my face and peel off. The Almay Smart Shade foundation is so far one of the few things I have intensionally over used once I got near the end of it because foundations always feel like they take forever to get through and I only have one open at a time and I just wanted it done. The eye lash curler has been replaced with another one, this first one hurt my eye lids, I do not remember what brand it was. I liked the Maybelline Mascara and if it weren't for the fact that I have many mascaras waiting to be used, this is one I would be fine with getting again even though it was not water proof and would occasionally run because I have watery eyes.

Second drawer:

The second drawer was stuff that I was planning to use once the corresponding stuff in the first drawer was used up; I think only the mascaras and eye cream were the only things to actually get used from this drawer. I intended to use the Benefit stuff, but I was, and to a certain extent, still am afraid to use it because it is stuff I don't feel like I can replace when used up. I have put the You Rebel Lite back into the "to use next" drawer, though now the drawer is a box; maybe this time I will actually be able to get myself to use it. The Get Even powder and Boiing Concealer are still in the Benefit drawer and I am still working up to using them. The eye brow cake in this drawer is still waiting for the first one to be used up.

I think the three lip balms were actually used up and thrown out.

Third drawer:

Large Palettes, all from Markwins, all Color Workshop. The makeup in the clear plastic has since been depotted into a couple of M.A.C palettes because it took up less space and was easier to store in those. It kind of amuses me that I use M.A.C palettes to store Markwins eye shadows because the people at the M.A.C store were really confused when I just bought the palettes and did not want the inserts or anything to go into them. I still have all of this stuff.

I actually really like The Color Workshop products from Markwins and I still regularly pulls these out to look at and swatch.

Forth drawer:

The eye shadow drawer. This was before I started organizing things solely by brand. Actually, I used to switch this between by brand and by type all day long, it just happened that when I was showing it to my mother I was sorting by type at the time because that seemed the most common way to show it. Once I realized I was only truly happy with my collection being organized by brand and stuck with that, I became much happier with how the makeup was organized. And it turns out my mother thought it made sense as well, though I am not sure she does the same thing. My husband also thinks the by brand makes the most sense, though that is because he always organizes his comic books and video games by brand first, then superhero, then number; some things probably make more sense by brand than by type.

All of this stuff currently still exists in the current makeup collection. Some of it is in the night makeup collection, but it is all still there.

Fifth drawer:

The face drawer. All of this still exists in the current makeup collection as well. You can see from this drawer and the previous drawer, that while it is organized by type, it is in alphabetical order within the drawer. I don't have much to say about this drawer, mainly because there is so little in it.

Sixth drawer:

The lip drawer. The beauty rush lip balm in the tin has been thrown out since this photo was taken as the consistency of it eventually changed. The other beauty rush products are all in the not likely to ever be used box just due to age. What is amazing is they all look fine, but I do not feel confident in using them.

Everything else, still exists in the makeup collection. I actually really like The Color Workshop lip sticks and will occasionally use one still. The Physicians Formula lip stick does okay, but only if you really work with it, which is why it is in my night makeup collection, because during the day I don't want to have to put that much effort in to applying and reapplying lip stick.

Seventh drawer:

Merle Norman drawer. Even more high end than Benefit, this was a drawer dedicated to the makeup brand my husband knew of before he met me because he is really into cars and worked in television for a while. Merle Norman is associated with a car museum that my husband is very fond of visiting. I cannot remember exactly which came first, but he knew about it because of the car museum, but also because Merle Norman was also historically a commonly used makeup line for television and movies; they had a green lip stick because it translated well when television was still black & white, looking as if the actress was wearing red instead. The makeup really does feel luxurious, the lip pencil, which is a liner/stick in one, feels so smooth and creamy and wears so well. I have only used it a few times, but every time it feels like I am treating myself to something really special.

Eighth drawer:

Nail stuff that didn't fit on the top of the cart, all of which I still have.

Ninth drawer:

Moisturizer, almost all of which I still have, because I am terrible at remembering to use it. The Olay has been thrown out because it turns out I am allergic to it and it was too old by the time I got around to it, to give to someone else.

Tenth drawer:

A pair of eye lashes and it was supposed to be the sample drawer. I still have the lashes. The Benefit sample was used, though it may have caused an allergic reaction so I am not going to be trying to purchase them.

Nail Polishes:

All shown together, all of these still exist, except for the Nail Envy, and I still use them when I remember to. They were all, for the most part, in the bucket in the first photo or the OPI box. The nail polish collection has kind of gotten out of control since this, I love nail polish.