Monday, September 14, 2015

Empties: September 2015

These were not all used up this month, this is just when I got around to posting these.

Target's Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Acetone

I like this, it works for me, I already have another bottle that I am using.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

Used before applying makeup, this worked better for me than the Olay moisturizer I had been using before, in regards to how it interacted with the primer and foundations. I found that with this moisturizer the foundations generally lasted longer and went on more easily than with the other moisturizer. The skin did feel hydrated when used. Does provide an SPF of 15.

Jasmine La Belle (JLB) eye shadows

These were really hit and miss when I tried them and so they ended up in my night makeup box. Then when I went into my night makeup box one day to tell my mother about what was in there and why I noticed that they expired. The only shadows from this line that really worked for me were the gray shadows in the larger palette. I like the JLB eye liners, but I would skip buying the eye shadows.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Sample from Sephora)

The Vanilla and the Light Beige sample were too dark for me, but thanks to a proliferation of freckles on my cheeks, I was able to make them work as far as blending into the skin tone. The claims on the packaging including Medium to Full coverage and that it was undetectable on the skin. It did cover the redness of my cheeks, but I could still see my freckles well when using these. I could also see the foundation on the skin, both in that it clung to a couple of dry patches I had from healing blemishes and on the bulk of my skin that was normal. I would not buy this. 

Wet N Wild

Kabuki Brush

The problems I had with the brush all centered around washing it. It smelled badly when being washed. It tangled badly because of being washed and when I tried to comb out the tangles, it broke the tines out of the comb. It did work for me as a face brush to apply setting powder, but since I wash my brushes after each use as a general rule, the problems with washing the brush became too much for me to want to continue using it.

Beauty Benefits Ultimate Cover Foundation in Light

I am not sure why it is called Ultimate Cover as it gives no real coverage that I could detect. I tried it with my fingers, a makeup sponge, and two different types of foundation brushes. I have three more bottles of this to go through. I mix it with an L.A. Colors foundation that is thicker than I like, and it makes both foundations more usable for me.

Fergie Clear Coat

I use this as a base coat and a top coat. It makes my nails shinny which I like. I am not sure it really helps the life of the polish, but I have several of these thanks to my husband finding some Fergie polish twins packs a while ago that each came with a clear coat and one of the other polishes from the Fergie line. I use them until they get thick, then I throw them out. If I was more consistent with applying polish they would get used up more than this one is but sometimes I go months between manicures.

Victoria's Secret Eye Shadow brushes in 1 & 2

These were from the first brush set I personally ever bought; I have had them for a really long time. They are now starting to irritate my eye lids causing them to become very red when I use them so I am permanently retiring them.


Honey Trap Lip Balm

This was okay as a night balm, though it did not work well as a lip primer for during the day. It has expired and I am not upset by that.

It Started With a Kiss Lip Tint

Was hard to apply and get a nice appearance; I think I managed it twice. It has expired and I am not upset by that.

Mary Kay

Creme Lipstick in Sunset

When I used this I typically topped it with the loss listed below this. It is moderately opaque and creamy in formula. I did like the color and feel of the lip stick, but by the time I finished the sample I was already over it and glad to be done with it. It is a very natural color for me, just not one I want to use all of the time.

Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss

Used over the above lip stick, it gave a shinny finish to the lip stick and I like shinny so I liked this gloss. I don't really miss it, so I have no plans to purchase, but it was fun while it lasted. Felt comfortable on the lips as a gloss.

Time Wise Luminous Wear Foundation

This foundation wore off very quickly and settled into every line around my eyes. While I initially thought I would prefer the Luminous foundation over the Matte foundation because I prefer a luminous finish, this only looked good for a few minutes and then never again.

Time Wise Matte Wear Foundation

Made my skin look dry but wore better than the Luminous foundation though I cannot give an estimate of how long it lasted because I forgot to write it down. I do have a full sized of this purchased by my husband before I had a chance to try the sample. I will use the full sized foundation eventually, but I would like to find a good laminator to use with it to give the skin some life back to it before I begin using the full sized bottle.

oil-free eye makeup remover

I will not be buying this. I have been using the Mary Kay Mascara that is not waterproof and this eye makeup remover could not remove it fully. It might get a little bit of it off, but I can get the mascara to come almost completely off with tears so the fact this would leave the majority of it behind is kind of mind-boggling to me.

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in Mint

Turns out this was drying out my lips and making them chapped. Only lip balm I have used to ever do that.


eyelid primer

I love this and I use it for reviewing eye shadows as it does generally help the staying power of the eye shadows but only costs $2 so I feel it is a good option for people just getting started to see if it will help them and people on a tight makeup budget. Is it the best primer I use, no, but it generally extends the life of the eye shadow by at least double and sometimes quadruples it. I already have another tube of this.

Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

I only use this on the eye brows to keep them in place. You do need to wipe off the excess before using because otherwise you will end up with too much in your brows which will make them crunchy. I already have another one of these waiting for when I use up my current eye brow gel.

Professional Eye Shadow Brush

This brush was starting to hurt my eye lid when used it so I am throwing it away. I generally have good luck with these brushes, so I am not sure why this one became so scratchy.

Professional Total Face Brush

I have two of these that are getting retired from my brush collection and going into another brush collection, though in a way I will still be using and washing them. They are not my favorite brushes because when I wash them the hairs get tangled and when I try to comb through the hairs to de-tangle them they break the tines on the comb. Otherwise it works just fine as a powder brush, but since I have other powder brushes that also work and do not tangle, I see no reason to keep using these. 

Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Liner in 120 Ms. Terious

This was purchased at Dollar Tree. I loved this lip liner and I am proud of myself for actually using it up as it cannot be replaced. I am really bad at using up products I cannot easily replace. I do have another one of these in my Dollar Tree makeup bin, which I will open eventually, once I have finished up some other similar lip liners that I already have open.

Three Makeup Sponges
I apologize for the hair fibers on the sponges. One of my cats found them in the bag I was storing things in until I was ready to post these and played with them on the floor all night one night while I slept.

Pink Sponge

I think this was purchased at CVS one time; I checked my Instagram, but could not find it. I liked this sponge and if I do find it again, I will most likely ask my husband to buy me another one, after I have tried several other sponges.,

Sort of Blue Sponge

This was the bright blue sponge in the Soho Disney Fairy Sponge 3 pack. It was only bright blue until I got it wet which was disappointing. It also developed tears more quickly than I remember the pink sponge developing them, but I also used it more regularly. I was kind of disappointed in this, to the point that the other two sponges in the 3 pack are still in the package. I will use them eventually, but not for a while.

The I don't know what color you would call that sponge

This sponge was purchased from Dollar Tree in the Sassy+Chic line and I believe this was the pink one. The color immediately washed out of it when I wet it to use for the first time. It also started developing small tears quickly so even though it is $1, I am not sure I would find it worth it to purchase these. I also think it sucked up more foundation than it spread on the skin. I have never really been able to get it to look clean which is the main reason I am getting rid of it.

Skin Care Samples (various)

Only one of these really stood out as something I would consider purchasing again and that was Biossance's The Revitalizer. I used it under my night time moisturizer and I did feel like my skin was looking better while I was using it. Whether or not I actually get a bottle of it depends on price, easy of finding it, and whether or not I can convince myself and my husband that I truly need it. As I said, I did like it, but I am not sure I truly need it yet.

For the most part all of the other samples made my skin feel really oily or rejected being on my skin and pealed up off it when I attempted to apply them.

Origin GinZing (deluxe sample) 

One of the full deluxe samples I have, this lasted way longer than the 30 days it was supposed to, and might have lasted one extra day if I had not squeezed extra out to see just how much was left in there since it kept seeming finished but always had more the next day. So on the last day I had two days worth of eye cream under my eyes. I am not sure this actually did anything for me, not likely to purchase unless I forget this didn't really do anything for me.