Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review: Colormates Lip Stick and Lip Liner Duo in Cinnamon

This lip stick and lip liner duo from Colormates was purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.

The lip liner is again much darker than the lip stick it comes with, though in this case, it is creamier than the previous pair reviewed. It is still drier than the lip stick itself, but more comfortable to wear on the lip alone.

The lip stick is again not fully opaque, but does give a larger amount of color that blends with whatever color is underneath it. With the lip liner provided it becomes a darker red, which with a pink lip liner it becomes a lighter red/brighter red.

The wear time of the lip stick/lip liner duo was good for my needs. While some color transferred onto a straw while drinking, there was still plenty of color left behind to look as it did when applied. It also survived blowing my nose, though again, some transfer to the tissue. After about four hours it did eventually start to feel dry, but it still looked okay. The only reason it was removed and reapplied was due to the dryness it was beginning to give.

Note about use with alternate liner: When used with the supplied liner it never transferred to the teeth. When used with a Max Factor liner, which is much creamier than the liner provided, it kept getting on my teeth.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Review: Colormates Lipstick & Lip Liner Duo

This lip stick and lip liner duo from Colormates was purchased at Dollar Tree for $1; it did not have a color name sticker on it anywhere I could find.

This was a lip stick I did not have high hopes for from when I had used it in the past. I remembered it as very frosty and sinking into the lines in my lips; turns out only part of that memory was accurate. The liner that comes with this lip stick is a completely different color from the lip stick itself and that turned out to be a positive because it gave me the idea to try it with different lip liners to see how the color transformed.

The liner itself is very dry and does not apply well over lip balm if you use one as a primer for your lips. It really needed to be applied directly to the lips in order to have any chance to adhere. When I tried the lip liner with a lip balm over the top, it did alright as it does give a good amount of color, but really needs something to help moisturize the lips as it is so very dry. 

The lip stick is very moisturizing so when applied over the very dry liner, no lip balm is needed. The lip stick is not completely opaque in color, but does give its color to the lip liner which results in ending up with a pink that is slightly more red and slightly deeper than the pink in the tube. This allows for some variations in the way the lip stick appears depending on what liner you use with it, something I like, as I often find myself wishing for a shade slightly different from the ones I have in lip stick form. When I first applied the lip stick, it did sink into the lines in my lips, but quickly smoothed out once I rubbed my lips together.

The wear time on this duo was good, it survived from when applied after first meal until second meal, which is as long as I typically wear any lip product. It survived drinking with a straw and blowing my nose a couple of times. Some color would transfer to the straw or tissue, but when I would check my lip stick afterwards the color still appeared the same and fully cover the lips. I could not recommend eating with this lip stick on, but that is not something I do with any lip stick. One thing I noticed with this lip stick/lip liner duo was that the lip stick stayed in place much better with this dry lip liner provided than it did with other lip liners. This also occurred with the other lip stick from this brand I tried. When worn with the lip liner provided I never had a problem with lip stick getting on my teeth. When I used a lip liner from another brand that was not as drying, the lip stick got on my teeth. This is something to consider when deciding what lip liners might work best for it. If you have drier liners already that you do not like to use, they may work better with the Colormates lip sticks duo to the moisture content provided by the lip stick itself.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Keep In Mind: March 2015

M.A.C. Charged Water and Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro 002

Between these two products, my face products have been lasting a lot longer on the skin. They both individually improve the staying time of my foundation, highlighter, blush, and bronzer. When used together the staying time is even greater.

I was a little disappointed in the Charged Water packaging as the top broke after only a handful of uses and I found the mist generated by the nozzle was not very fine. We ended up getting a travel sized spray bottle from Walgreens that has a very fine mist to it, so I am much happier with the distribution of the product from the new bottle. 

When I use the Charged water, I generally try to remember to use it before moisturizer and after the last step in my makeup that involves a powder, this also seems to yield the best results for length of wear of the face products.

Empties: April 04, 2015

I just had an empties, but I didn't want to wait another month to post these.

Lotta Luv Lip Balm for Jelly Belly

I love the smell of this and primarily use it as a primer for lip stick. The consistency of it is kind of thick and that seems to help some of the softer lip sticks that tend to melt into the wrinkles of my lips to stay looking smoother in color.

I have about a dozen of these waiting to be used because once I told my husband it was helping some of my lip sticks work better he went a little nuts buying as many as he could find. 

Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss in 579A  Seedless Watermelon

This is a lip gloss that was only shown recently in the daily makeup, even though it was used two to three times a week since it was originally purchased.  This was a my car lip gloss, meaning the lip gloss that was left in the car so that if I forgot to bring my purse, I had something that wouldn't melt that I could apply in place of lip balm. It served its purpose well. Not sure what I am going to replace it with yet as I have lots of lip glosses, I just have to figure out which one is most likely to survive in a car all summer.