Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review: Colormates Lip Stick and Lip Liner Duo in Cinnamon

This lip stick and lip liner duo from Colormates was purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.

The lip liner is again much darker than the lip stick it comes with, though in this case, it is creamier than the previous pair reviewed. It is still drier than the lip stick itself, but more comfortable to wear on the lip alone.

The lip stick is again not fully opaque, but does give a larger amount of color that blends with whatever color is underneath it. With the lip liner provided it becomes a darker red, which with a pink lip liner it becomes a lighter red/brighter red.

The wear time of the lip stick/lip liner duo was good for my needs. While some color transferred onto a straw while drinking, there was still plenty of color left behind to look as it did when applied. It also survived blowing my nose, though again, some transfer to the tissue. After about four hours it did eventually start to feel dry, but it still looked okay. The only reason it was removed and reapplied was due to the dryness it was beginning to give.

Note about use with alternate liner: When used with the supplied liner it never transferred to the teeth. When used with a Max Factor liner, which is much creamier than the liner provided, it kept getting on my teeth.