Saturday, April 4, 2015

Keep In Mind: March 2015

M.A.C. Charged Water and Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro 002

Between these two products, my face products have been lasting a lot longer on the skin. They both individually improve the staying time of my foundation, highlighter, blush, and bronzer. When used together the staying time is even greater.

I was a little disappointed in the Charged Water packaging as the top broke after only a handful of uses and I found the mist generated by the nozzle was not very fine. We ended up getting a travel sized spray bottle from Walgreens that has a very fine mist to it, so I am much happier with the distribution of the product from the new bottle. 

When I use the Charged water, I generally try to remember to use it before moisturizer and after the last step in my makeup that involves a powder, this also seems to yield the best results for length of wear of the face products.