Monday, July 6, 2015

Makeup My Mind Daily Makeup Collection

Due to being sick for two weeks and other health related issues I haven’t been able to wear makeup for a long time. I learned of snupps while watching a makeup favorites video and thought it could be useful for me and more specifically, my husband. My husband buys most of the makeup I have and while he generally does a good job of rmemebering what I do and do not have, sometimes he forgets and I end up with a few duplicates.
I am in the very slow process of taking pictures of every item in my makeup collection so that when he is out and sees something he thinks I might want but is not sure if I already have it, he can check. But I also decided having the makeup in current rotation posted as a collection could be useful to me as well. I have made the current makeup collections public, so if you are interested in seeing what I am currently working with, you can find it through the link above.

Monday, June 8, 2015

One Note: L.A. Colors Blush in Spice

This blush was purchased for me, by my husband, at Dollar Tree, for $1.

This blush was tried twice, once on Thursday because Wednesday was not an option, and once again on Saturday of last week. Both of the times I used this blush without a cream base, because I could not find one in a similar tone and it was already showing more pink on my cheeks than the color it appears to me in the pan. When swatched on the back of my hand, both with my finger and with a brush, it showed as the color it appears in the pan. Because the foundation/concealer I am using does not really cover the already pinkness of my cheeks, I think that is why it showed more pink on the cheeks.

I can state that on the cheeks and on the back of my hand, it applied smoothly, and blended out well around the edges. I think if you have a less rosy base to work with, meaning not naturally pink cheeks, this will probably work just fine for you. I really liked the shade it appeared on the back of my hand and if I ever get to a foundation/concealer combo that sufficiently covers said pinkness, I will probably get a lot of use out of this. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Keep In Mind: May 2015

L.A. Colors lipstick, blush & eyeshadow all - n - one

This product became a favorite to use during the month of May as a cream blush. When blended out, it gave a nice sheer pink tinge to the cheeks that I enjoyed. It also gives a bit of a glow to the cheeks, which I like, because I think I look healthier when I use this. I have also used this as a lip color, which worked out just fine; I have not used it as an eye shadow yet, although it is something I am considering.

The general order of application for me with this product is as such. First primer, second liquid foundation, third L.A. Colors lipstick, blush & eyeshadow all - n - one, forth translucence setting powder, optional fifth powder blush. I do primarily use it under other powder blushes, but the times I used it without adding a powder blush on top looked nice as well. Typically the powder blush is added more to bring the blush in line with the overall look I am going for as I only have this product in one shade.

Monday, June 1, 2015

One Note: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner in Hazel Eye Candy

This was purchased for me either by my mother or my husband. I am not sure of availability because I know Physicians Formula dropped several of the Shimmer Strips lines, the brown eyes version of this is still shown on the Physicians Formula website as of the time I wrote this up.

I used all nine shadows in this palette over the course of two days, Wednesday, May 20th, and Saturday, May 23rd. Normally I would not use that many colors at once, but I wanted to try and use as many as possible, in a way that made sense, but still covered all if I could. The result was two completely different eye looks that were both ways I would normally never wear eye shadow, even around the house, unless I was having a really bad day and needed something to make me laugh. Although the results, as I was looking at them, and seeing how the shadows worked together, I actually ended up liking and wishing I had somewhere to go because I felt very dressed up using these.

The top two shadows were used as brow bone highlights, the first one the first day and the second one the second day. The second two colors ended up being the all over lid colors, again, first one the first day and the second one the second day. The middle color was only used once, above the smoked out crease as a "pop of color" because I could see no other way to use it. The next two colors where each used on the outer half of the lids, layered over the first lid color and then blended together, again, the first one on the first day and the second one on the second day. The last two colors ended up being the dark crease colors that made the looks smokier than I can normally handle, again, the first one the first day and the second one the second day. On both days I used them over the Wet n Wild Take On The Day eye shadow primer in For My Primas from the Fergie line.

I was surprised just how pigmented these eye shadows are. I have used at least one, possibly two, of the Shimmer Strips eye shadow palettes before, although not really the darker colors, which is probably why I didn't expect these to be as pigmented as the were because I tend to stay at the top of the palette. The colors did blend well together and although I did have to be careful because sometimes I would loose the lighter front lid color to the darker ones if I was not precise with my brush. The darker the shadow, the more it could take over the look, and I do think there is only so much layering back on of the lighter colors you can do. Once it got to a darker level the lighter shadows really didn't show much any more on the lids even when I tried to apply them on top of the darker shadows if I made blending errors, so some level of skill is necessary with these if you really want to see all of the individual shades on the lid. The shadows are in smaller strips, but I didn't really have a problem keeping my brushes in just one shadow, though I did have to use just the tip of each brush for picking up shadow and then placing it; I am not sure if picking up the shadow on the side of the brush would really work with these.

Overall I am happy I tried this palette and that I used it the way I did. While I do not think I am suddenly going to start wearing more dramatic smokey eye makeup all the time, it was fun to do and even more fun to find that I liked the way it looked on me. While my preference for makeup is usually to put as much on as possible without looking overly done up, on these two days, really done up ended up being a fun and exciting thing to try out and made me think I should try it more often with some of the eye shadow palettes I normally use, but using more of the shadows in them as I typically stay away from the dark browns/dark grays/black shadows.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Note: Colormates Blush in Blushed

This blush was purchased at the 99 Cent Store a while ago, not sure of current availability.

Of the four blushes, this one is the darkest in the pan, but when used, it gives a flushed color that is more pink in nature.  When I use this over a liquid foundation that has been set with a powder it shows as a lighter flush of color, which can be built up if desired. When used over a cream blush, normally the e.l.f. shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal, it shows a little more strongly with less building, and more strongly of the pink. In both cases the blush applies and blends easily. This blush does show more quickly and with less products than the Tawny Peach or the Deeptone blush, so more care is needed if you have a heavy hand with the blush application; it is not uncommon for me to tap a light layer of my setting powder over the blush to tone it down slightly after application.

This is my second favorite for the four Colormates blushes I own.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review: Milani Crystal Gloss for Lips in #23 Raspberry Icing

This was purchased for 75% off at CVS during one of their semi-annual clearance sales, not sure of availability.

This was an interesting lip gloss to try out because this was one of those cases of the first time I applied it, I thought it looked nice, but every time after that, it ended up being a pain to get to look the way I thought it was supposed to.

This is a gloss, it does impart some color effect to the lips, but it is not opaque. There are shimmer particles in the gloss, they are hard to see once on the lips, but do catch the light while on the lips. The gloss itself is moderately tacky in texture, not tacky enough to make the lips stick together, but also not tacky enough to keep the shimmer particles, which appear to be the main source of the color, in a uniform coating on the lips. What seems to happen after a period of time, that varies depending on how much you rub your lips together or talk, is that the particles all transfer to the edge of the gloss, and therefor the center of your lips, depending on what is underneath the gloss, is a different color from the outlier line of your lips. It did not travel outside of the lip line and the center did stay glossy, just not the same color as the rest of the lips.

I tried this on its own a few times on Wednesday, May 13th. The first time it applied well and I didn't think about it too much, but noticed after a couple of hours, maybe three, that the gloss looked a completely different color from what it was when it was applied. Upon further inspection, it appears all of the shimmer particles transferred out of the gloss, and what was left appeared as a very hot pink lip color. So I removed and reapplied, but could not get the same appearance has I had achieved earlier in the day. I tried a couple more times to get the gloss to go on the same way as the first time over the course of the day, with no luck.

On Saturday, May 16th, I tried this a few times with the lip balm I am currently using from Bath & Body Works in honeylicious and a Max Factor lip liner that I am trying to use up. Again, not much luck in getting the shimmer particles to stay in place. Although the balm did seem to succeed in making the lip gloss feel less sticky on the lips. I was actually a little surprised that the gloss did not seem to lift any of the color from the lip liner as I applied the gloss, which I see as a positive.

If I try this again it will be over a lip stick that is the same color as the gloss appears in the tube as I think that is the only way you will not eventually end up with two-tone lips, but I am not sure as I have not tried that yet. Testing farther is needed. But for now, this is going into the night makeup bag because of application issues and the color changing issue. I do have one of these that I have used in a cream color with no shimmer particles that I do not remember having this problem with, but it has also been a while since I used that one so my memory may not be totally reliable. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

One Note: Colormates in Tawny Peach

This blush was purchased at the 99 Cent Store a while ago, not sure of current availability.

I should state upfront that peach blushes rarely show up on me, so my expectations for them are always low. When I use this, over liquid foundation with a setting powder only, it does show as a peach tone. When used over a cream blush, normally the e.l.f. shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal, it shows a little more strongly. I do set all of my cream products before using the blush, so it does not require much additionally tackiness to get it to show up more strongly. With both methods of use, the blush applies well and blends to the shape I want well.

Of the four Colormates blushes, this is my 3rd favorite, though probably my most used. The reason it is my most used, is I tend to use a lot of warm eye shadows and of the four blushes, this is the only warm one.

Monday, May 11, 2015

One Note: Aziza Blush in Natural

The Aziza blush in Natural was purchased at the 99 Cent Store, so the price listed on the packaging is not the one that was paid. I used this blush on May 6th and May 9th of this year.


The back of the packaging suggests using the darker shade as a contour, which I did. It did not work out well, primarily because this blush comes off as a dusty rose color and that does not work well as a contour, at least one me. The lighter shade worked very well as a blush. I cannot speak to how long it lasted because I look pink in the cheeks all the time, so I can only really see blush when first applied, after that I am not sure if I am seeing the blush or the pinkness of my own skin. When I did apply it, I could see it well as a natural looking flush. It blended easily and did not take much work to get a level of color and shape that I was looking for.


On this day I decided to try the darker shade as a blush and see how it worked. It applied on the cheeks well and gave a slightly more flushed look than the first blush, but still fairly natural. It applied easily, blended well, and did not take much effort to get the shape and color level I was after.

Thoughts on Blush

I was very happy I tried this as I have a few things from this line, but have only ever swatched them as far as I can remember. Also being that is a line regularly appearing at our 99 Cent Store and seems to have good pigmentation and blend-ability, it makes me look forward to trying out more things from the line as I get to them.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

One Note: Colormates Blush in Deeptone

This blush was purchased at the 99 Cent Store a while ago, not sure of current availability.

On my very fair skin this blush, when used alone over a liquid foundation and setting powder, shows as a very light pink flush. So far the best way I have found to get it to show more brightly is over a cream base and the one that I have specifically been using is the e.l.f. shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal. As I still set my cream products with the setting powder before applying the blush over the top, it does not require much tackiness to get the pigments in the blush to apply more densely. With both methods of using this blush it still blends out well and shows nicely for which ever way I decide I want to use it.

Of the four Colormates blushes I have, this is ranked 4th among them for me, but I do still enjoy the blush and will continue to get use out of it on days when I want my blush to be less obvious/not the focal point of my makeup look.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

One Note: Wet n Wild No Neutral Ground

For the week of April 26th, 2015, I tried out the Wet n Wild limited edition eye shadow palette No Neutral Ground (34210) twice. I do not think this is available anywhere anymore; mine was purchased at the Dollar Tree a while ago. On What's New Wednesday I used the white middle highlight shadow, the brown middle lid shadow, and the brown left crease/definer shadow, essentially as suggested on the back of the palette. On Second Try Saturday I used the yellow right highlight shadow, the green right lid shadow, and the green right crease/definer shadow, again, essentially as suggested on the back of the palette. For the eye shadow primer I used the Wet n Wild Fergie Take On The Day Eye Shadow Primer in CA027 For My Primas. The below were the results as far as application and wear time were concerned.


The shimmers in the middle highlight shadow do transfer to the brow bone, though they also transfer to the face, even after tapping off any excess product from the brush. The shimmers/glitters were not so dense that they were apparent on the brow bone unless I looked for them.

The middle lid shadow was darker than I would normally use for all over the lid, but it did apply and blend well. The color appeared as in the pan and the more subtle sheen/shimmer was not obvious on the lid once applied and blended. I would use this color again, though probably as a crease shadow with another lid color from a different palette or single.

The bottle left shadow is much darker than I would normally use and was very pigmented. It was also really hard to blend. I used one dip of the tip of the brush in the pan and one tap to each outer crease and that was more than enough for both eye lids. I spent at least 10 minutes blending the crease color in and it may have been longer when I thought back to how long it took to complete just the eye portion of the makeup that day. I also used it as a shadow liner and here it was much easier to get on and look the way I wanted, though it did have a lot of fallout to the lower lash line area even though I was applying to the upper lash line, which made the eye look extra smokey looking for me. I ended up cleaning up the lower lash line as eye products in that area tend to make the skin there painful.

The wear time on this lasted all day, at least 8 hours, probably more, it still had not creased when I went to wash it off at the end of the day.

Not an eye look I would normally wear out of the house as it was much more intense than more normal eye shadow look, but if I had only used the bottom left shadow as a liner, I probably would have been more comfortable with the look and my arms might not have hurt so much.

Second Try Saturday

The right highlight shadow was a bit confusing for me to use because it was yellow and while in some places I could see the yellow, in others, I could not, so it was a little patchy in its application. A different brush may have helped this. It also had a problem with the shimmers/glitter in the pan getting everywhere on my face, even when tapping off the excess, but again, a different brush might have helped this.

The middle right lid shadow applied very easily and blended well, actually it blended a little too well as I got it much higher in the crease than I meant to just through trying to blend the line. The color, even with all the blending, remained consistent and did appear as in the pan. This was also a bit dark for my normal lid shadow choice, but that is the point of trying to push myself with trying these.

The bottom right shadow did not creat much contrast with the middle right lid color and so ended up getting lost in the crease and along the lash line. This shadow also applied and blended easily, only it would have worked better with a lighter lid color which is how I will use it next time. I did end up applying a cream brown liner over the top of the bottom right shadow that was along the lash line which helped to give more contrast and definition to the lash line. This one did not appear to have as much fallout as its brown counter-part.

Again the wear time was good, at least 8 hours, and I did not see any creasing prior to washing my face.

This was also not an eye look I would normally wear out of the house and I am not sure I ever got used to seeing myself look that way, but that was not at the fault of the shadows.

Thoughts on the palette

The highlight shadows are going to take some work to figure out how best to use them as I wasn't that happy with either of the two I used and I am not that optimistic about how the pink will work out. I am wondering if used on top of a cream shadow base on the lid, or at the very least, the inner lid, if that could be nice as they didn't really give enough color on their own to be used as a lid color normally, but too much color for my tastes to be used as a brow bone color, particularly in the case of the yellow one. The three middle shadows are ones I am looking forward to using and I have high hopes for the purple as the other two worked so well. As to the bottom two, the dark brown will most likely only be used as a liner, and the green will probably not be used again with the green lid shadow, but perhaps the brown lid shadow as it did blend well.

One of the things I appreciate about this palette is that the purple and brown shadows look like they would play nice together and the green and brown shadows look like they would play nice together when used in looks, so you do not have to just use the coordinating rows. If I can get the top highlight shadows to work for me it will increase the variety of eye shadow looks I can get from this immensely, though it will probably be a while before I try this again.