Monday, March 23, 2015

Empties: March 23, 2015

Almay Smart Shade perfect & correct primer

Instantly smoothes and color corrects skin. Lavender to even out and brighten skin tone. Green to reduce redness.


This did not smooth out my skin, although my skin is pretty smooth to begin with. As to the color correcting, definitely did not do that. If anything the application of this product left my skin slight pinker most days, and never more even or brighter.

Would I buy again?

No, I was so happy when this finally emptied I did a little dance in my chair.

e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set

The first setting spray I ever tried. Did it help keep my makeup in place all day? Not really sure, I don't actually think it did, but for me it was more about adding another step to the process of applying makeup. For me, the more steps I can add to my skin care and makeup application, the happier I am because the process is very relaxing for me. This may be because there are days when I cannot even use my hands so when I am able I want to do as much as possible. It could also be because none of these things are truly necessary to live and so it feels like a luxury when I do them for myself, which makes me think that even if I didn't have my health problems, I would still be into creating the most involved skin care and makeup routine possible.

Would I buy this again?
Probably, though I would want to transfer the contents into a bottle with a better spray on it because this one didn't work half the time.

On to mascaras, these were used over the course of at least one year, each mascara got three months of use, roughly. These were originally intended to be reviewed, but things happened, my spreadsheet was lost when the laptop died

Kirkland Borghese Advanced Lash Defining Mascara in Black

The main thing I remember about this mascara, which I am not even sure you can buy anymore, is that I was surprised just how light it was in application. I like natural looking mascaras, I mainly use them to tint my lashes black, I have fairly long lashes and plenty of them so I don't need mascaras to add to the appearance. This mascara really only did tint the lashes black and did absolutely nothing else. I cannot remember how it did with moisture.

Wet N Wild Mega Protein Mascara in C137

First let me state that I love Wet n Wild, I own a large percentage of their permanent makeup line, and if possible, I would like to own the rest of it. The rest except for the mascaras. I have several of these because my husband found eye shadow trios packed with mascaras during one of there limited edition runs and he bought all of the twin packs, because it was like getting one thing free. I have put all of the backup mascaras of this into the night makeup bag. The main reason for this, I have watery eyes. They water from allergies, they water because I am super sappy and movies and tv shows make me cry sometimes, they water when I laugh, they water a lot. In fact, it is not usual for me to find salt building up on the outer corners of my eyes over the course of the day without me even realizing my eyes have been watering. This mascara, while having no claim of being water proof, would run down my face at even the slightest bit of moisture. It was also a very wet formula and stayed that way for the entire time I was using it. In fact, I just opened it again to see if it ever dried out, and it is still very wet.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara in Black Organics

I remember vaguely liking how this looked, but I don't remember loving it. I think it also had a problem with running regularly down my face.

Wet N Wild Mega Wear Mascara in C136

This mascara had the same problem as the Mega Protein Mascara, although this formula is a little drier. By the time I finished this one I actually told my mom never to buy Wet N Wild mascara. This one didn't quite get the full three months but I have no problem stoping its use now because it only had 7 more days to go before I ended the test of it. I also didn't like it because the mascara had a strange smell even though it was a new tube.

Wrap up of the mascaras: 

I am seriously considering that I may have to only use water proof mascaras because my eyes water so much. But before I start investing in those, I must work through all of the ones I currently have. So far my favorite is an e.l.f. mascara that had both a regular and waterproof end to it. I only ever used the regular side and it never ran with the one exception of when I watched a super sappy movie that made me cry for a couple hours. The mascara that I will be testing for the next six months, because the little symbol on it has a 6 is the Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in Black because I was given the sample to use today and I don't like having two mascaras open at the same time. First impressions were good, although I was only able to wear it for a couple hours because I had to take a nap shortly after the Mary Kay consultant left because my brain was trying to shut down.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Never Used: 03/11/2015

Normally when a makeup product ends up not being used it is because I either waited too long to use and it expired or I ended up being allergic to it. In this case I just couldn't get into it in the first place.

While rearranging some eye shadows today I was randomly opening things to swatch them because that is just something I do whenever I am looking at my makeup and when I tried to open the e.l.f. eye shadow duo in black licorice it didn't budge. Now I do have shoulder pain currently going on and my fingers are not always cooperative, but I did feel like this was unusually tight for a screw on lid on an e.l.f. eye shadow duo, because I have several from this line and normally I can open them with no problem so long as my fingers are working well.

So I sat the duo aside to let my husband try since he is better at opening things like that and might have tools to help it open. Well, he tried pliers, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, pipe wrench, and then banged it a little too hard and broke the light grey shadow. Once the first shadow was broken he took a hammer to it to try and figure out why it would not open, which broke the darker grey shadow, which resulted in the mess you see in the picture above. Since these were not particularly unique colors I told him it wasn't a big deal because I have more grey shadows, I even have more grey shadows from e.l.f. My husband did feel bad about breaking the shadows and I am sure if I asked him to he would replace it, but I am not going to because as I said, I have more grey eye shadows.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Keep In Mind: February 2015

Kirkland's Angled Liner/Spoolie brush

This brush was in a kit Costco occasionally sells but not consistently so I am not sure if it is currently available. What I use this brush for is to fill in my eyebrows. In the past I primarily used an e.l.f. flat liner brush to fill in my brows, but one day all of those brushes were dirty and so I picked up this one to use and found that it did a better job of making my eye brows look more natural/not too dark as they would on occasion get when using the e.l.f. brush. I generally just use the angled liner side as I have a separate spoolie brush I use to brush out my brows because I always forget this brush has a spoolie built into as well. Other than occasionally going outside of my brow line because of my coordination issues, not because of the brush itself, I feel like this brush give me better control and applying brow powder over the e.l.f. brush and I wanted to remind myself to continue using it.

I know there was something I wanted to post about that didn't work well for me, but I cannot remember what it was right now; hopefully I will remember by next month. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

One Note: Wet n Wild Kabuki Brush

Not a full review because I am still trying to make this work, but I wanted to talk about why it is taking so long to see if I can make it work.

My husband picked this out for me, probably because I had been watching a video that talked about how great Kabuki brushes were at making some aspect of makeup easier and my husband is all about making things easier for me. Because it takes me a while to start using new things when I get them, it sat unused for a few months. When I finally opened it I found it to be very scratchy against my hand so I set it aside for washing to hope that would soften the bristles. I then forgot to wash it for a while because it was off to the side and not where I normally store the brushes to wash. I finally washed it.

First thing to note: This brush has a smell and it is not a good one. I don't remember it smelling before I washed, but afterwards it smelled like wet dog or maybe horse, I am not really sure which, and not a nice clean smelling wet, but a stuck out in the rain and mud and probably rolled in something it shouldn't have wet. I actually washed it about four times and soaked it for a while which I will explain my reasoning for in a minute, but it does appear that the smell is dissipating so from that aspect, it may eventually be usable against my face.

Second thing to note: It did get a lot softer after the first washing. I used Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo just incase you have this brush and are trying to find something to help soften the bristles.

Third thing to note: The reason why I soaked the brush for several hours on the day that I washed it was because it leaks dye. It leaks a lot of dye actually. Every hour I would ring out the brush and replace the water in the bowl I was using and every hour when I went back the water was dark brown again. I still haven't gotten it to stop leaking dye. This problem is actually what is preventing me from actually using the brush against my face with makeup. I plan to continue washing it with my regular brushes once a week to see if it will eventually stop leaking dye. If I do manage to get this to stop leaking dye I will try and remember to update this post, but no promises. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sample: L'Occitane Sublime Beauty Cream in 01 Light

This sample was received when my husband bought me some L'Occitane skin care.

This was not a case of saving the best for last it seems with my run through all of my foundation samples. The fact that the BB Cream was too dark wasn't really the big problem for me, although it would have been enough to tell my husband not to buy it. My problems with the BB Cream were as follows: 

It dries very quickly. I tapped it on my skin, then tried to blend it in, I had an orange circle in the exact shape of the tip of my finger. I thought the damp beauty sponge would help, I had a bunch of round circles now on my face. I filled in all the gaps with more BB Cream and used a brush, my arms were very sore afterwards but I eventually made most of the round circles disappear.

It doesn't cover anything. All this did was make my skin that is not red or freckled looked like it had been stained orange. Any bits with discoloration appeared to repel the product even when it was applied directly over that area because if you touched it again it immediately disappeared. But it clung to the bits of skin that looked fine normally, only making them look like I was using a really bad fake tanner.

It sunk into the pores on my nose. My nose is where my most obvious pores are and if something is going to give me a problem with how it looks, this is always where it happens. My nose looked like it had been stained orange and that I had tiny bright orange poka dots all over it.

I would never buy this. I know L'Occitane is supposed to be well regarded for their skin care, I think that is probably all I will ever want from them in the future. Also as I type this I have the sample sitting next to me, and I can smell a fragrance that I had not noticed while applying but does appear to be coming directly from the product. That probably would not have gone over well for me over the course of the day because this has been open for a few hours now and it still has a scent. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sample: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

The sample of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 30 Beige was pulled from a magazine.

This foundation claims to be ultra-light skin perfecting sunscreen makeup. I did not see any skin perfecting going on, although I was able to blend it into my skin enough to feel like even though it was too dark it wasn't very obvious that I was using the wrong shade.

On the back of the sample it says: 

Before opening, shake or press sample to blend. Apply with fingertips or foundation brush and blend gently.

I first shook the sample and then pressed it a few times to make sure it was well blended before opening. I opted for applying it with my fingertips. There was enough in the sample to get more than one use out of but I was only able to apply it once because after about 20 minutes of wear the skin on my face started to tingle and I had to remove the makeup.

This foundation did not cover my freckles or the redness of my cheeks which is the main thing I look for in a foundation. Also the two blemishes on my face didn't look like anything had changed in their appearance and my under eyes actually looked worse when I blended the foundation over the light brown circles I had which changed to looking like I had bruises under my eyes. Even if I was not having an allergic reaction to it, I would not be impressed with this foundation. Have to remember to tell my husband I am allergic to it.

Follow up note: When I cleaned the small jar I put the sample into so I could use it again in the future, I discovered that the Foundation left something behind that made where it had touched very sticky and no amount of soap would get it off so I ended up having to throw the jar away. I need to figure out where to buy more of these jars.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sample: Hourglass Tinted Moisturizer in Ivory

This sample was received through Sephora; this sample lasted several days.

The first time I applied this I used my fingers and had a hard time blending it out and getting finger marks out of the tinted moisturizer. Also, for a product labeled as Ivory, I was surprised how much darker than my skin tone it is, keeping in mind that I am very pale and rarely get any direct sunlight and when I do I am covered in sunscreen because I burn in 15 minutes or less. The rest of the time when I applied this I used a knockoff beauty blender instead and the appearance of the tinted moisturizer on the skin does look less obvious when using a sponge of some sort. It does not cover redness on the cheeks if you have very much or it, nor does it cover blemishes, but it did very slightly even out skin tone. On the days when the normal redness of my cheeks was already less noticeable it did look very nice. This product was kind of predictable for me in how it worked because on the days I didn't have red cheeks it looked really good and on the days when I did, it did almost nothing for me.

Due to how much this costs normally and how little coverage it gave I would not buy this or ask for it. The redness of my cheeks comes and goes depending how a variety of factors so having something that isn't going to cover that really isn't helpful for me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sample: Olay Total Effects 7 CC Cream

This sample was pulled out of a magazine.

I doted this over my face and proceeded to blend it in as usual for me. As I looked over my face to see how it was looking I noticed that all of the CC cream that had been applied around the eye area had completely flaked off and gave me the reverse raccoon appearance. It was too dark to begin with, but it deepened up even more once on the skin to look like I had applied a light brown dirt to my face even though in the package it looked beige. I only had this on for about five minutes before I went ahead and washed it off because any part of the skin that was moving it was lifting off of and falling of. I could also see it peeling away from my cheeks as it dried.

Even if they were giving this away for free I wouldn't take it. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sample: Maybelline FitMe Stick Foundation

The two samples of this that I had were sent to me in the mail because I ended up on a mailing list or clicked on something, not really sure.

Each sample contained three shades, 120, 220, and 355. The first time I tried the samples I used the 120 in the center of my face, the 220 around the edges, and the 355 as a contour. I also did not use a primer or setting powder on the first day as it has a powder core so I thought it shouldn't need one, turns out it did because the blush I applied over it appeared to be running down to my jawline after a few hours. The second time I used it I applied a primer first, the 120 through the center of the face and the 220 around the edges but did not contour. I topped it with my normal Physicians Formula setting powder but did not apply blush to be sure what I was seeing. It did show a little of the redness through from my cheeks, but the coverage stayed good enough for 10 hours that it just looked like I was wearing a light pink blush.

This foundation can be easily blended away, but when applied thoughtfully does seem to give enough coverage to even out skin tone and hide redness. It did not cover blemishes, concealer would be required for that.

This is one I would consider buying if I ran out of the foundations I already have.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sample: Garnier BB Cream

This sample was pulled from a magazine a while ago and I finally decided to use it up.

This was a sample set that included both BB Cream samples for Normal to Dry skin and Combination to Oily skin as well as three shades in each. Fair/Light was probably the best match for me, but the Combination to Oily seemed to give the best coverage of the two options.  

I used the Normal to Dry samples on the right sides of the face and the Combination to Oily samples on the left side of the face. I used the first shades in each set on the center of the face to the edge of the eyebrows and the second shade in each set around the perimeter of the face. The third shade in each set was used as a contour under the cheeks and under the chin. Because these were not matching shades for each set the left side did need to be blended out more than the right side did to bring it in line with the right in terms of appearance. The samples were set with the Physicians Formula translucent setting powder I have been using for some time now.

Neither side gave a great deal of coverage, and the redness of my cheeks was still visible on both sides, but I did feel the Combination to Oily side looked the best overall in terms of coverage and looking slightly less red to the cheeks. I don't actually intend to buy this BB Cream, but if my husband ever finds it on clearance and asks which one I want I would ask him to get the lightest of the Combination to Oily BB Cream because it worked better and I could set it with a foundation powder to improve the appearance even more.