Sunday, January 11, 2015

Upcoming Review: ColorMates

While checking what posts were getting the most views I saw that the ones related to the ColorMates brushes and nail polishes seemed very popular, so I have decided to make ColorMates my next series of reviews focused around a single brand. Some of the products have already been opened and used a few times while others are still sealed in their packaging.

Due to the length of time it tends to take me to review things I am not going to attempt to review everything as the bulk of what I have is eye shadow and those take the longest to review for me, but I will try to review at least one of things from the three different types of eye shadow palettes that I have in order to give an impression of what that eye shadow is like in each format. The two lip sticks will also be reviewed.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Wrap-up Review: Madame Milly

Since there were so many pieces to this brand being reviewed over several months of time I thought a wrap-up was in order. Madame Milly does not appear to be available at Kohl's anymore, but does appear to be available on

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Format of reviews going forward

Due to my laptop doing its best to try and stop working I am having to modify how I approach posting reviews since I will be posting from a tablet going forward instead of from the laptop. I will endeavor to keep the same level of information in the posts for the makeup reviews, they just won’t be in the same format.

The last two reviews for the Madame Milly eye shadows will be posted from the laptop, but not in the original format as right now I am not sure I can organize it that way from my notes, which is why they haven’t been posted yet, because I’m having a hard time setting up my own layout as I originally planned it. In the end this forced change may be a good thing for me as it will encourage me to find a better working layout for reviews to be posted and how to keep track of the information.

The Daily Makeup and Makeup As Medicine posts on my two tumblrs will stay the same as they are being posted from my phone and will continue to do so.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Keep in Mind: December 2014

This month I had planned to use makeup everyday and then I ended up with a cold that lasted two weeks and that derailed my planned, but I have managed to get some makeup on, even if it was just a lip product, almost every other day that I wasn’t sick.