Sunday, January 11, 2015

Upcoming Review: ColorMates

While checking what posts were getting the most views I saw that the ones related to the ColorMates brushes and nail polishes seemed very popular, so I have decided to make ColorMates my next series of reviews focused around a single brand. Some of the products have already been opened and used a few times while others are still sealed in their packaging.

Due to the length of time it tends to take me to review things I am not going to attempt to review everything as the bulk of what I have is eye shadow and those take the longest to review for me, but I will try to review at least one of things from the three different types of eye shadow palettes that I have in order to give an impression of what that eye shadow is like in each format. The two lip sticks will also be reviewed.

Because I do not feel qualified to review blushes I will not attempt a formal review of those. I will use them and when I complete the wrap-up post for the ColorMates, if I have any thoughts on them that might be beneficial to share, I will add them there.