Friday, January 9, 2015

Wrap-up Review: Madame Milly

Since there were so many pieces to this brand being reviewed over several months of time I thought a wrap-up was in order. Madame Milly does not appear to be available at Kohl's anymore, but does appear to be available on

Nail Polish:

While I liked the red color and could wear it all of the time the hot pink did get boring on its own after a short period of time.  These nail polishes do chip and by the end of the week they had chipped a good bit, although I am sure a top coat that is better than the Wet n Wild Clear Coat would have prevented that. 

Would I buy more Madame Milly kits based on the nail polish alone?  If it was a solely nail polish kit and the colors included were ones I didn't have I would probably consider it very seriously if it was on discount and I had a coupon to make the discount even greater.  The chipping wasn't a huge issue for me and the addition of a glitter top coat on a couple of the nails probably would have stopped the hot pink from becoming boring.

Lip Liner:

I only have one lip liner and while I think the color is nice, this is a tricky product to work with.  Unless I have scrubbed my lips very throughly and liberally applied my lip balm primer, this lip liner does not work for me.  It is very patchy and seems to cling to any lines in the lips it finds.  Also, and I am not sure why, sometimes it doesn't want to apply to the center of my lips.  So far I have only managed to get it to work once and I did top it with a lip gloss from Madame Milly that time which also seemed to help.

I would not buy a Madame Milly kit based solely around lip liners.

Lip Sticks:

In spite of the difficulties with the lip liner, the lip sticks were actually the biggest fail for me.  They are very splotchy/patchy and the frosted one seemed to find every line on my lips while the cream one seemed to have big red dots of pigmentation inside a balm, instead of looking like a uniformly distributed color as it looks in the tube.

I would not buy a Madame Milly kit based solely around lip sticks.

Lip Gloss: 

Wand Applicator:

These are my purse lip glosses.  Since I don't carry lip sticks in my purse due to fear of melting and Squeeze Tube lip glosses are just too hard to apply in the car and without a lip brush for me (I don't drive, so I am not applying makeup while driving) wand applicator glosses are the only way for me to go. The color in the tube is not going to show as intensely on the lips, in fact with some I could barely see them at all, but they did make my lips shinny and I like shinny lips.

Would I buy more Madame Milly kits based around this type of lip glosses?  I do like these and they seem to do a good job of keeping moisture on my lips for just long enough to last from meal to meal and I don't need a primer because the colors generally show the same with or without.  The price would have to be right on a per lip gloss cost and I can't say what that would be without being in the situation where I would be thinking about buying more, but I do like these enough to get more if the price were good.

Squeeze Tubes:

Squeeze tube lip glosses are typically only used at home because I find it easier to apply them with a lip brush than with the plastic tube usually included.  Because a lot of these are very sheer in color, I will probably mostly use them for topping lip sticks that aren't shinny enough, or slightly adjusting the shade of the lip stick if it isn't that far off the color I want it to be.

Would I buy more Madame Milly kits bases around this type of lip gloss?  Maybe, I do prefer wand applicator lip glosses in general so if it was a choice between one of this type and one of that type I would have to go with the wand because they are just easier for me to use and less messy.  But I did still like these and they did seem to give ever so slightly more color to the lips than the wand applicator glosses did.  As with the other lip glosses, it would come down to a cost per tube kind of decision.

Eye Shadows:

The Madame Milly eye shadows are very hit and miss when it is comes to pigmentation and I think there are more hits than misses.  None of these are matte, but the ones I had the most problems with were the ones that seem to have shimmer flakes in them instead of all out frostiness.  The best example I can give is the duo #6 which is light gray and dark gray duo.  The light gray shade basically didn't show, even in swatches it didn't really show, whereas the dark gray shade was beautiful on the lid and showed full color with very little work.  I do think the quads worked slightly better than the duos at giving color, although were no better in lasting time, which also seemed to vary greatly from shadow to shadow, although a better eye shadow primer might help with that.

Would I buy more of the Madame Milly eye shadows if I found a kit bases around them?  Well, if they look like the dark gray eye shadow, yes, but if they appear like the light gray shadow, then no.  Since both of the kits that included eye shadows had some of each type it would really come down to a judgment call on how badly I wanted the colors.

Eye Liners:

These I loved!  I only have two so I do not know if they will always work well, but I was very impressed with the ones I do have.  They lasted all day, maintained color well, and didn't smudge all over my eye lid unless I wanted them to.

I would totally buy an eye liner kit if they had one with lots of dark color options.

Blushes and highlighters:

I didn’t actually review these, but I did use them so I thought I would share the thoughts I did form about them.

The pink blush duo worked really well and I could see the colors clearly when used. I cannot say how long they lasted on the cheeks because I have a hard time judging blush which is why I am not reviewing them. The peach/bronze duo I had a hard time seeing, but I generally have a hard time seeing peach blushes so that has more to do with my vision I think.

The highlighters I liked, they gave a nice shimmer to the tops of the cheeks when I used them. I did try the white one blended in with a too dark foundation to see if it would help, but was not able to notice a change in appearance.

Would I buy more of the Madame Milly blushes and highlighters? Yes, from what I could see, they seemed to work well and if I was using a primer and foundation that lasted longer than what I have been using at the time of writing this, they would probably last well on the face.