Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Empties: February 3, 2015

e.l.f. $1 eye lid primer

I have another one already ready to go. I am now going to just be using this for reviewing as I am trying to make sure that I also use my other eye lid primers and I never would if I didn't use them for general makeup wear. I like use this primer for testing because it works really well for me and is only $1 so I feel like most people could afford that if they are getting into makeup and want to use an eye lid primer. It generally extends the wear time of most eye shadows by a few hours and can, though not greatly, make the color of the eye shadow slightly more intense, remembering that this is a very minimal improvement in appearance.

Donna Michelle light 1 Make Up Foundation

I am so glad this is finally done. I have used my fingers, three different types of brushes and two different types of sponges, and I have never managed to make this work well. If I have no redness to my cheeks it looks okay, but on most days I have some level of redness and this never managed to cover it or even out my skin tone at all. My husband already knows to never buy this again as he has heard me complain about it many times. Probably why I have so many foundations, because he was trying to find something to replace it. But I am someone who has to use things up even if I don't really like them because sometimes you do eventually find a way to make it work, this just wasn't one of those products.