Monday, February 9, 2015

Sample: Garnier BB Cream

This sample was pulled from a magazine a while ago and I finally decided to use it up.

This was a sample set that included both BB Cream samples for Normal to Dry skin and Combination to Oily skin as well as three shades in each. Fair/Light was probably the best match for me, but the Combination to Oily seemed to give the best coverage of the two options.  

I used the Normal to Dry samples on the right sides of the face and the Combination to Oily samples on the left side of the face. I used the first shades in each set on the center of the face to the edge of the eyebrows and the second shade in each set around the perimeter of the face. The third shade in each set was used as a contour under the cheeks and under the chin. Because these were not matching shades for each set the left side did need to be blended out more than the right side did to bring it in line with the right in terms of appearance. The samples were set with the Physicians Formula translucent setting powder I have been using for some time now.

Neither side gave a great deal of coverage, and the redness of my cheeks was still visible on both sides, but I did feel the Combination to Oily side looked the best overall in terms of coverage and looking slightly less red to the cheeks. I don't actually intend to buy this BB Cream, but if my husband ever finds it on clearance and asks which one I want I would ask him to get the lightest of the Combination to Oily BB Cream because it worked better and I could set it with a foundation powder to improve the appearance even more.