Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sample: L'Occitane Sublime Beauty Cream in 01 Light

This sample was received when my husband bought me some L'Occitane skin care.

This was not a case of saving the best for last it seems with my run through all of my foundation samples. The fact that the BB Cream was too dark wasn't really the big problem for me, although it would have been enough to tell my husband not to buy it. My problems with the BB Cream were as follows: 

It dries very quickly. I tapped it on my skin, then tried to blend it in, I had an orange circle in the exact shape of the tip of my finger. I thought the damp beauty sponge would help, I had a bunch of round circles now on my face. I filled in all the gaps with more BB Cream and used a brush, my arms were very sore afterwards but I eventually made most of the round circles disappear.

It doesn't cover anything. All this did was make my skin that is not red or freckled looked like it had been stained orange. Any bits with discoloration appeared to repel the product even when it was applied directly over that area because if you touched it again it immediately disappeared. But it clung to the bits of skin that looked fine normally, only making them look like I was using a really bad fake tanner.

It sunk into the pores on my nose. My nose is where my most obvious pores are and if something is going to give me a problem with how it looks, this is always where it happens. My nose looked like it had been stained orange and that I had tiny bright orange poka dots all over it.

I would never buy this. I know L'Occitane is supposed to be well regarded for their skin care, I think that is probably all I will ever want from them in the future. Also as I type this I have the sample sitting next to me, and I can smell a fragrance that I had not noticed while applying but does appear to be coming directly from the product. That probably would not have gone over well for me over the course of the day because this has been open for a few hours now and it still has a scent.