Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sample: Hourglass Tinted Moisturizer in Ivory

This sample was received through Sephora; this sample lasted several days.

The first time I applied this I used my fingers and had a hard time blending it out and getting finger marks out of the tinted moisturizer. Also, for a product labeled as Ivory, I was surprised how much darker than my skin tone it is, keeping in mind that I am very pale and rarely get any direct sunlight and when I do I am covered in sunscreen because I burn in 15 minutes or less. The rest of the time when I applied this I used a knockoff beauty blender instead and the appearance of the tinted moisturizer on the skin does look less obvious when using a sponge of some sort. It does not cover redness on the cheeks if you have very much or it, nor does it cover blemishes, but it did very slightly even out skin tone. On the days when the normal redness of my cheeks was already less noticeable it did look very nice. This product was kind of predictable for me in how it worked because on the days I didn't have red cheeks it looked really good and on the days when I did, it did almost nothing for me.

Due to how much this costs normally and how little coverage it gave I would not buy this or ask for it. The redness of my cheeks comes and goes depending how a variety of factors so having something that isn't going to cover that really isn't helpful for me.