Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keep in Mind: January 2015

ColorMates Eye Shadows and Blushes

While I have not tried every ColorMates Eye Shadow or Blush that I own yet, the ones that I have tried so far seem really nice. The color in the pan usually translates well onto the lid and the wear time, while not actually timed yet, seems decent. I have not yet actually tested the products the way I would for a review, due to the dying of the laptop and having to refigure out how I am going to do them, but so far during general wearing of them I have been happy.

Reminder Not To Buy Again

Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes

I love the Aveeno moisturizers that I use, I do not love these, and for one reason and only one reason. These makeup remover wipes, while they do remove makeup well and did seem very soft, are also very highly fragranced. The scent also lingers for a couple of days from the trashcan when I threw one away in my makeup room. I am mildly sensitive to perfumes, several of them give me headaches and when more than one spritz is used, they all give me headaches, this was more fragrant than most of the perfumes I have tried. I can't even use what is left to remove swatches from my hands. Just sitting near the package to type this is giving me a headache. I am surprised that a product line that is all about being natural and gentle would be so perfumed.