Saturday, September 26, 2015

One Note: Colormates Eyeshadow in 61624 Bright Eyes

This was purchased for me by my husband for $1 from Dollar Tree nearly two years ago, availability is questionable. This is a one note because I wasn't really planning to review this one, but I did want to see how I could make the colors more useable for me. In the end I was able to find a method I liked and I did monitor the time the eye shadow lasted as well.

The Bright Eyes eye shadow palette from Colormates is one that I like the appearance of but was unsure of how I could use it as part of my daytime makeup since I tend to lean towards skin tones when leaving the house. When I tested these eye shadows I first applied the Wet N Wild Fergie Eye Shadow Primer and then I applied a brown/taupe cream eye shadow to use as a base color all over the lid and up into the crease. I would then apply one bright eye shadow all over the lid and up into the crease, blending out just over the brown/taupe color. What I would end up with was a bright lid that still had some bits of brown/taupe peaking through, so it didn't feel as bright, but still gave the flash of the bright color. This made the shadows much more wearable for me and I grew to really enjoy them.

Notes made: 

  • Because the brown/taupe cream shadow would peak through the bright shadows, these are not completely opaque, but give more of a wash of color, which is something I also found in most of the other Colormates eye shadows.
  • When used layered with the Wet N Wild Fergie primer and the Maybelline brown/taupe cream shadow, all of the shades lasted about 12 hours on the lid. The reason I do not test all eye shadows with the Wet N Wild Fergie primer is because generally all shadows last about 12 hours on the lid for me when I use that particular primer.