Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review: Colormates Eyeshadow in Smokey 61626

This was purchased at Dollar Tree for me by my husband nearly two years ago, unsure of availability.

In reviewing my notes from wearing these eye shadows, the below list how they worked for me.
  • Of the shadows tested, this palette had the broadest range of times until creasing with the e.l.f. eyelid primer, going from 2 hours for one shadow to 12 hours for another. There was also one at 3 hours and two at around 6 hours.
  • This palette works better with the Wet N Wild Fergie primer, but then again, that seems to be the one primer that works consistently well for me.
  • Most are washes of color.
  • Had the most problems with the middle shadow in application thought it wore the longest. It required several layers to make it more than a very sheer wash of color and even then it was still just a wash of color.
  • The second from the right applies better with a fluffy brush over a flat paddle brush, which is something to note as generally the Colormates apply best with a flat paddle brush for me. With a paddle brush the application was very patchy, 
  • The first from the right was the only one that applied opaquely so that you could not see the skin below it and I liked it as a one shadow look.
  • There is fallout on all of these, the darker it is the easier it is to see it.
  • These did blend okay when used together, though I would probably use them more as one shadow looks with only the white shadow being incorporated as a highlight shadow with each.

Summation, this palette needs a primer and a strong one. I will continue using this as part of my day makeup, but only if I have time to work with it, I would not be likely to bring this on a trip with me.