Friday, April 12, 2013

The Everyday Makeup: Things I Use When Not Testing

While I am too distracted to review anything because my husband is home on vacation, which means that we could leave the house at any time, and I don't want to be part way through a test of eye anything, then leave the house for a while with no idea of what it is going to look like in an hour.  So I thought I would talk about what I do use when there is a chance of leaving the house.  This does not mean everything I am using is what I will always use, some of it actually isn't that great, but I want to use it up and some of it I am trying to find a way to make it work before it moves into the night makeup container.  I will probably do a brush post later depending on how many of them actually say what brush they are.

The order listed is the order it is generally applied:

e.l.f. eye primer

This is always the first step because it does take a minute to set before you should apply eye shadow over it.  While there is a chance a new eye primer could be used eventually in the every day makeup, it will always be the review primer and so far I haven't really seen a reason to change to something "better".

The Color Workshop eyebrow cake

Brows are second because generally grooming and filling in takes enough time that the eye primer has set by the time I am finished.  I use the brown shade to fill in the brows which is probably too dark, but I like a darker brow so this seems to achieve the desired look for me.

Essential Beauty eye shadows (two)

These two keep moving in and out of the night makeup container as I keep trying to find ways to make them actually work.  With the primer they don't crease, but they fade to nothing very quickly and it takes a lot more building to get the color to really show on the eye lid in the first place. 

Profusion loose eye shadows (3)

While these three show really well with very little work, they do crease, even with primer, although I still need to more strictly test them to see just how long it takes to crease.  These are eye shadows that would probably work best using just a small amount, but I always end up with too much on the brush and the thicker the eye shadow, the more likely the creasing.  They do look amazing on (in my opinion).

The five above eye shadows are primarily kept with the daily makeup to remind me to use them and try to find a way to make them work, because I have a hard time giving up on anything.

From left to right top row:
Melon Ice highlighter
Mauveberry lip cream

From left to right second row:
Pink Parfait highlighter
Raspberry Rose lipgloss
Pink Praline lipgloss

From left to right third row:
French Vanilla highlighter
Cafe Mocha eyeliner

Sheer Cover eye and lip palette

The Sheer Cover makeup was purchased for me by my husband's parents at a garage sale in a kit, still sealed in the box so I am the only person who has used any of it.  This palette gets used in three different places so it will be pictured here and referenced two more times later.  I do occasionally use any one of the three highlighter included.  They don't really give much in the way of color, but generally I am just looking for shimmer in a highlighter so it works for me.

If I know there is a good chance of leaving the house I will most likely use anything from a light tan to a brown eye shadow as the main eye shadow colors.  If I use one of the Essential Beauty eye shadows it will be very lightly blended in just above the crease so that some of the purple peaks out at the very edge of the crease and warms up the brown in the crease.  I have also been known to use the blue-gray from The Color Workshop eyebrow cake as a lid or crease color just because I wanted to be able to use it up.

Top: Light
Bottom: Medium

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer

The lighter color is the closest match so I only use the darker one when I am pretty sure I am not leaving the house because again, I want to be able to use stuff even if it isn't perfect for me.  I have actually started applying this with a foundation brush because when I use my fingers it settles into the lines around my eyes very quickly, but with the brush it doesn't seem to have that problem.  Also seemed to work better on blemishes that way as well which was helpful to figure out since I was starting to wonder if it was going to have any use other than toning down the red on my cheeks and temples.

Donna Michelle light Make Up Foundation

If there is actually any pigmentation to this, it completely disappears when applied to my face so I use this to "lighten" the too dark Sheer Cover concealer and pretend that it actually functions as a foundation.  It has never reduced the redness in my face as far as I am concerned, although now that I am thinking about it, I should put some on half my face and leave the other side bare and see if my husband can tell a difference without telling him which side is which.  I have tried using this with my fingers, with a brush, and with a sponge, if I am doing something wrong when applying this I would love to be told what to do to make it work because it would probably be useful for future foundations as well.

Left: Latte
Right: Buff

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundations (2)

I'm currently using the darker one very lightly just to use it up then I will move on to the lighter one which is also too dark, but not as much.  This does seem to help reduce the redness on the cheeks and temples when used on top of the liquid foundation mentioned above although I couldn't tell you how long any of the face makeup lasts because if I do it right, then I can't see it even as it wears off.

Golden Glow

e.l.f. Healthy Glow Shimmer Powder

This is my sort of bronzer; I say sort of because I don't use it to darker my face or body, I am still trying to figure out how to contour.  I have completely used up a similarly sized bronzer already trying to figure out how to contour and have yet to do it correctly, although I think I finally have the nose part down.  The cheek part of the contouring though has eluded me no matter how many tutorials I watch on it.  I have also been known to use this bronzer as an eye shadow on occasion.

Not sure of the color name.

Everyday Minerals blush sample in a Sheer Cover Minerals Concealer container because that was what I had available

I actually have a few samples from Everyday Minerals of their foundation, but only one blush so I decided to put it in the lower part of the concealer duo that was obviously supposed to have a setting powder in it, but somehow that was omitted from the kit.  I plan to put the foundation samples (used one at a time) in the Sheer Cover foundation containers once those are used up, because so far I have yet to be impressed with mineral makeup and it is rather messy compared to other makeup I have used, but again, I want to use it and this seemed the best way.

Madame Milly highlighter

This is my face highlighter and I actually really like this.  It also works as an under eye setting powder because this is basically my skin tone with a little light shimmer that hardly transfers to the face.  Considering how long I have been using it and how little it has gone down, this may last another year or two.

e.l.f. Clear Mascara

So once all of the powders are done I move back to finish things that might attract powders to them starting with locking the brows in place.  I only use this if my eye brows started the day not staying in place as I don't have bangs so there is really nothing to mess them up during the day, but every once in a while they like to get unruly and this seems to do a good job of raining them in.

Essential Beauty eye liner

This smudges, pretty badly, I am planning to try it as an eye shadow base to see if it can be saved.  I will say that as much as the Essential Beauty makeup hasn't worked well for me, they eye lash curler is the only one I use and works very well for me.

Sheer Cover eye and lip palette (2nd)

The cream liner in the Sheer Cover palette was actually the first and only cream liner I have used so far, but so far it is also the only eye liner I have never messed up on when applying so I would eventually like to try more.

Left: Brown
Right: Black

L.A. Colors liquid eyeliner (2)

So far the brown is the only one getting use, but for $1 at the Dollar Tree I have been loving it because it does seem to stay really well once set and while I have had a few mistakes, I seem to do better with liquid liner than pencil.

e.l.f. Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo

So far I have only used the regular side because it doesn't want to come off at the end of the day and so I am afraid the waterproof one wouldn't come off at all if I tried it.  It is a very wet formula and I do seem to end up with more on my eye lids than my eye lashes, but it does make the eye lashes look longer.  Now I just have to get better at applying it.


Natural Glow by Naturistics Lip Definer

Lip liner that goes on really well.  I can't speak to it's staying power because I have never actually tested how long it would last, but works fine for my purposes.


Bonne Bell Liplites

I wouldn't buy this again.  It is a pretty color and so long as I use a lip primer the color does transfer to the lips fairly well although not completely covering all of my natural lip color.  But this stuff smells.  The color name is Caramel and it seems like they tried to make it smell that way as well and didn't do a very good job of it.

Sheer Cover eye and lip palette (3rd)

The Sheer Cover lip colors don't really change the color of the lips, but they do leave a nice shine so I like them for that.  If I use them though it is by itself because they don't seem to play nice with other lip products.

And that is everything that goes on my face that is in my everyday makeup sitting on my dressing table.  Hopefully something from how I use my everyday makeup will be helpful to someone, and maybe someone reading this will be able to make suggestions on how to make these products work better; you never know.