Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Madame Milly Eye Liner in Brown

Eye Liner:    Madame Milly Eye Liner in Brown

Applied At:    9:30 AM

Cost: (Without any discounts)    Kits at Kohl's range from $20 to $40.  Kohl's does run regular sales so I always recommend waiting for one of those when considering makeup there.

Shimmer: No

Pencil    Yes

Smudge time without primer:   

It never actually smudged and at 11:30 pm I had to take it off.

Smudge time with e.l.f. eyeshadow primer:   

11:30 pm a tiny smudge showed just above my crease, but seriously, the primer creased before the liner because the primer creased at 10:15 pm

Fade time without primer:   

I don't think it actually faded.

Fade time with e.l.f. eyeshadow primer:   

I don't think it actually faded.

Transfer to under eye area?   

At 6:00 pm, on the un-primed side there was the tiniest hint of darkness in a couple of spots that I think may have been some transfer under the eye area thanks to a bit of tearing up.  The primed side is held out just fine.

Can I actually see the color on the lash line:   

Yes, this is a very solid brown in the first swipe along the lash line, no need to do multiple swipes for me.

Can it be used as a cream base:   

Applied at 11:45 pm to both lids using three long lines across the lid in different places and then smudging to a thin layer over the whole lid.  Topped the right side with the dark blue eye shadow from the Madame Milly Eye Shadow Duo #4 to see how it does as a cream base and left the left side bare to see how it does as an eye shadow.  No primer was used. 

Two hours and 30 minutes on the left side and fading along with very slight creasing has occurred, not holding it against the eye liner since it is not advertised as a cream shadow. 

At 6:30 am the side with the eye shadow on top of it creased.  That is nearly 7 hours of wear without creasing which is an hour and 30 minutes longer than it lasted without primer when I tested this eye shadow initially. 

Since this eye liner works so well any way I am not really worried about using it as a cream base, but all pencil liners will be tested in this way because cream bases can help the color intensity of an eye shadow if you pair the right cream color with the right powder eye shadow color.

Day or Night makeup:   

Day makeup, I really didn't have very high hopes for this because pencil liners with only a couple of exceptions, all smudge on me.  I really liked that the color went on easily and stayed on all day.

Tips:    Use a primer, it just helps to make sure it lasts all day and doesn't move.

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