Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 902 Polar Purple

Nail Polish:    Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 902 Polar Purple

Day Applied:    4/22/13

Cost: (Without any discounts)    Purchased at Big Lots for $1.60 (Walgreens website shows it at $9.99)

Coats until same color as the bottle:   

The directions are to Apply 1 coat of the Magnetic Nail Color to all 10 nails and let dry.  Then apply a thick second coat of color to 1 nail and immediately hold the built-in magnetic over the nail.  Rest the guide just below the cuticle without touching the wet nail polish.  Hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat for all 10 nails and let dry.  Finish with top coat.    I only messed up one nail by accidentally touching the magnet to the nail while it was wet.  It looks oddly 3D even though it is flat.

Other    At first glance I thought it had shimmer in it, but then I think that is the fine pieces of whatever the magnets are pulling up.

Drying time:    5 to 10 minutes

Image after one coat

Image after two coats

Not pictured: There was a little bit of color transfer when applying the top coat.  It was so light it didn't show up when photographed, but I did want to make note of that.

Day Two:   

Right hand nails, chips on the tips of the thumb nail, index nail, and pinky nail.  Left hand nails, all appear fine.

Day Two Image 

Day Three:   

All nails, magnetic part faded a lot, I thought because of the application of the top coat yesterday.  But it keeps fading with no other top coat being added so that is kind of disappointing, just glad I didn't pay full price for it.  Right hand nails, tip wear showing pretty well on all of the nails now.  Left hand nails, some tip wear, but less, ring finger nail as chip starting down the side.

Day Three Image 

Day Four:   

Basically the same as yesterday although a little more chipping going on.

Day Four Image 

Day Five:   

Left hand nails, large chip on the middle nail not sure where that came from, ring finger nail somewhat more chipped than yesterday, rest look mostly the same.  Right hand nails, large chip on index finger nail, medium chip on middle finger nail, thumb nail fairly chipped up, rest of the nails look basically the same.

Day Five Image 

Day Six:   

Left hand nails, small to medium sized chip on the pinky. Most of the white part of the nail is exposed on the ring finger nail. Large chip is roughly the same as yesterday on the middle nail. Medium chip on the side of the index nail. A large chip in the center of the thumb nail.  Right hand nail, most of the white on the thumb nail exposed. Large chip on the side of the index nail. Small to medium sized chips on either side of the middle nail. Large chip down the side of the ring nail. Small chip on the pinky nail.

Day Six Image   

Day Seven:   

Left hand nails. Thumb is about a third of the way chipped off.  Index finger, shortly after picture was taken ended up being half way chipped off. Middle nail shortly after picture was taken is about a fourth of the way chipped off. Ring finger and pinky look the same as the picture.  Ring finger, almost all white is exposed.  Pinky, two smallish chips.  Right hand, thumb nail has most of the white showing. Index finger is half chipped off.  Middle nail has two smallish chips.  Ring finger is about a third chipped off.  Pinky has a large chip at the top left side of the nail.

Notes are from shortly after the picture was taken because I had to immediately hide in a dark room from bright lights and was doing nothing but taking a nap and when I woke, more had chipped off without doing anything.

Day Seven Image 

Since I am not planning to purchase any more of these polishes I do want to include a wrap-up to this review giving my over-all thoughts of how this worked out.  I do think the top coat is what made the magnetized part of the polish fade.  I think it re-liquifies  the polish somehow and so it lost its hold and some of the particles in the polish started to drop back down so the pattern was not as dark.  Even if that hadn't happened, I don't think I will be buying more of these because while I love a fancy polish as much as the next person, I just didn't find myself mesmerized by this the way I expected to.  I actually told my husband that if we had paid full price I would have been very disappointed in my reaction to them so I am glad we were able to get this one at less than 1/5th the normal retail price.  Fortunately I had the forethought to pick a shade that I knew I would like whether or not I got the magnet part to work for me so this will still get used up.  As my mother said when I explained how this had worked out for me, "you aren't going to get excited about everything you use."

I can see how some would find this appealing and if you like the way it looks, I would say to go for it, just don't expect it to last a week.  Also, start with one and see if it still appeals to you once it is on your nails before you go out and buy every color they make.

Bonus picture:

While typing the wrap-up I noticed more of the polish was trying to chip off and it actually flaked so hard that whole sheets of it came off at once.  Really glad this was the seventh day.  This explains the purple flakes I have been finding every now and then.

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