Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Madame Milly Lip Gloss #6

The kit this is from was purchased for me by my husband a few months ago.  I am not sure if the same kit is still available; this series of reviews is intended to help with deciding whether future purchases from this brand is worthwhile.

Lip Gloss:    Madame Milly Lip Gloss #6

Applied At:    1:00 pm

Cost: (Without any discounts)    Kits at Kohl's range from $20 to $40.  Kohl's does run regular sales so I always recommend waiting for one of those when considering makeup there.

Shimmer: yes

Glitter: no

Does it show without a lip primer?   

It does darker the lip slightly, but the main tell that it is on is how shimmery it looks.  There is a golden hint on the lips from the shimmer.

Does it show with just a lip primer?   

Reapplied with the primer at 2:45 pm.  This time more of the golden shimmer showed and it but didn't make the lips darker like it did when applied alone.

Lasting time without primer:   

One hour, it didn't survive blowing my nose.

Lasting time with primer:   

Two hours, didn't survive dinner.

Travel outside the lip line without a primer?    None

Travel outside of the lip line with a primer?    None

Transfer to cup without a primer:   

Didn't get a chance to test.

Transfer to cup with a primer:   

Yes, light shimmery wet spot.

Day or Night makeup:   

Day makeup, but only because I don't mind reapplying regularly.  The shimmer doesn't last as long as the earlier ones so it will probably get used up in my purse.
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