Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holiday Nails: Easter 2013

White Nails for Easter

Basic white nails, there is a lot of shimmer to them, but the point was to make them look like hard boiled eggs and then do some nail art with a nail art polish my husband had picked out for me so that they would look like Easter Eggs.  Unfortunately I have been having a really hard time with nail polish the last couple of day and this is quite possibly the 15th attempt to get the white on to the nails correctly.  I know for sure it is over the 9th attempt because that is where I lost count but kept going; I have used roughly 1/3 of a bottle of white nail polish just trying to get this far.

This polish was done this morning, on Easter, on a whim, and this is probably the best I have ever painted my nails because there is very little polish actually on the skin.  While it may not be what I had envisioned several days ago when I came up with my idea of Easter Egg nails, I am very proud of them.

Nail Polish used was Wet N Wild's Megalast Polish in 202A Break the Ice.

Thank you for your time.