Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Upcoming Review: Three Madame Milly Kits

The following makeup was purchased from Kolh's a while ago and I was just realizing I had never used it other than three of the smaller lip glosses which I liked enough to use up.  When I looked around to see if there were any reviews of this brand I realized that most of the ones given where very short and not very detailed as to why the person didn't like the makeup (there was very little positive said about any of it); this is part of what inspired the creation of this blog.

The following will each be reviewed individually as this is going to take me a while to get through and there will be a summation post after they have all been completed.  I also have two Madame Milly nail polishes that have not been photographed yet, but will also be reviewed as part of this series.

Eyeshadow Duo

Eyeshadow Quads

Eye Liners

Lip Glosses (Wand applicator)

Lip Glosses (Squeeze Tube)

Lip Stick and Lip Liner

I am also considering reviewing the blushes and highlighters pictured below, but have not yet decided.  I am a year round NW10 in MAC foundation and at least in part because of that I have visible veins in my cheek and temples that makes it difficult to tell if I am seeing the blush or the veins.  I am also so fair that a Madame Milly highlighter in powder form not pictured that I don't plan to review is actually used as my under eye concealer setting powder because it is the closest match to my skin tone of everything I own.  For this reason I don't typically use highlighter so I am not sure if I would be able to accurately review them.

Thank you for your time.