Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lip Liner Review Form

Lip liner has multiple functions for me.  I use them to help the staying power of some lip glosses that have a lot of color to them naturally but don't hang on to the lip well.  I use a clear on to help keep lip stick in place.  And I also use some of them as the lip color all by itself.

When I do these reviews the lip liner will get two chances.  The first will be as a liner, just around the edge of the mouth to keep a lip stick in (provided I have one that would work with it) which is the typical function of a lip liner.  The second chance will be as a full lip color where the whole lip area is colored in with the lip liner as some liners can be very dry and don't really work as a lip color and some for whatever reason cannot attach to the inner part of my lower lip even when others can.

Lip Liner: Brand color #

Applied At: Time of day applied

Cost: (without any discounts) See earlier review forms

Shimmer: Yes/No If it has shimmer in it this will say yes.

Can I wear as a lip stick?

This is mostly a yes/no question, but if it is a no it will get an explanation of why it is a no.

Time until lipstick/lip gloss travels outside the lips:

Amount of time in hours/minutes the lip liner, used solely as a liner, keeps the lip stick in place.

Does it transfer onto cup?

While testing the lip liner as a lip color this will be for whether it transfers or not.

Day or Night makeup

Day makeup would be a liner I can use as a lip color or under something else to help it's color.  I rarely use a colorful lip liner to actually keep the color in as trying to find a liner for every lip stick would be expensive.  Night makeup would be if I can't fill my lips with the color because that negates the two main uses of lip liner for me.


I am not sure how else I would use lip liner besides how I have described at the beginning of the post, but if I learn of another way I will mention it here.

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See earlier review forms.