Monday, March 18, 2013

Tips: Nail Polish Clear Coat/Top Coat and avoiding color transfer to the bottle

So yesterday I was applying the nail polish I plan to post a review of in seven to eight days and while I was applying the top coat I thought including tips on this blog as separate posts would be a good idea.  If the tip I am including is something I learned from a YouTube video or another website I will link to the source as most of the tips will probably not be things I came up with myself.  If the tip is something I came up with myself I am not claiming to be the only person who ever thought to do whatever it is I am suggesting, just that I personally hadn't heard/read it from anyone else.

Today's tip happens to be one that I came up with out of necessity when applying a clear coat/top coat over an OPI nail polish and having the color of the nail polish transfer onto the brush and into the bottle with the remainder of the clear coat/top coat.  Fortunately the bottle was almost empty and was just about ready to be replaced anyway so I didn't feel as bad as I would have had it been a new bottle.  I have also had this happen with a Revlon nail polish and a Wet N Wild nail polish so it is not brand specific and it doesn't have to be a dark color as the Wet N Wild polish was a Gold color although I do find that the darker the color the more likely it is to happen.


In general I wait 24 hours to apply a top coat because I have had color transfer before, but in the case of the OPI polish it had been 24 hours and the color still transferred so that doesn't always prevent the problem.  As a rule I also use a paper towel under my hand that I am painting the nails on to catch any drips if I do not wipe the brush with the color down enough on the lip of the bottle.  So now when I apply clear coat/top coat, after each nail is completed, before the brush is returned to the bottle, I wipe the brush off on the paper towel (tissue also works) until I don't see the color transferring anymore.  If I need to apply more than one coat of clear coat/top coat I keep wiping the brush off on the paper towel between nails because sometimes it takes four layers of clear coat/top coat before the color stops transferring to the brush.

Thank you for your time.

Note: I do not normally use four layers of clear coat/top coat but one day decided to see just how many layers it would take before the color stopped transferring on to the brush.