Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review Form: Allergy Season: Lip Balm Reviews?

So allergy season has struck and so my ability to do makeup reviews is going to be diminished because I am actually allergic to allergy medicine.  This means I spend the whole season with itchy eyes (so reviewing eye makeup is pointless), a runny nose, and dried out lips (which makes most lip makeup pointless as well).  My husband has suggested that I review lip balms during this time to see which one works best for me (then he will probably stock up on that brand extensively).

I am seriously considering this as it happens every year and lasts for more than a month and cracked/bleeding lips are no fun.  I also happen to love lip balm and this could make for a good excuse to buy brands I don't already own.  Please keep in mind that any review of a lip balm, as with all of the other reviews, is simply how it worked out for me and it may not work the same for you.  These will be very basic reviews as allergy season generally also sees an increase in fog level so brain processing power is not that high right now.

Lip Balm:  Brand - Color - # if applicable
Applied At:    Time I applied, probably will all be in the am since that is when the dryness is worst.

Cost: (Without any discounts)    If I know how much it cost or can find out how much it cost I will list that here.

Did it make dry lips not dry:    Yes/No

If I manage to have a non-dry lip day then no testing will occur, but so long as I see some white/dry flaking on my lips, then I will try out a new lip balm each day until I run out of lip balms.  At the end which ever lip balm lasted the longest will most likely be the winner.

If yes, how long did the dry lips stay not dry:  In hour and minutes

This will list how long until my lips started to dry out again, which will be when I notice the lips either starting to get white or flaky again.


If there is something to note like color on lips or glitter I will list that here as my main concern right now if finding a lip balm that makes my lips not dry.

Thank you for your time.