Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Madame Milly Lip Liner

The kit this lip liner is from was purchased for me by my husband a few months ago.  I am not sure if the same kit is still available; this series of reviews is intended to help with deciding whether future purchases from this brand is worthwhile.

Lip Liner: Madame Milly Lip Liner

Applied At: 1:00 PM

Cost: Kits at Kohl's range from $20 to $40.  Kohl's does run regular sales so I always recommend waiting for one of those when considering makeup there.

Shimmer: No

Can I wear as a lip stick?

Not really, even after scrubbing my lips I still had some patchiness showing.  I attempted this three times and it seems that the center part of my lower lip repelled the lip liner because it just wouldn't cover there.  Only after a few minutes of rubbing my lips together and enough reapplying that I had to sharpen the lip liner did it actually apply to the center of my lower lip and even then it only stayed for a little while and then started to move down to make a rather obvious line.

Time until lipstick/lip gloss travels outside the lips:   

I used the lighter lip stick from Madame Milly Kit I believe this lip liner was included with.  It never traveled outside of the lip line, but after five hours it was ready to be removed.  This wasn't actually a problem for me as I generally remove lip product before eating any meal and then reapplying and I typically eat every three to four hours depending on the day.  Since this did not say it was a long lasting lip liner five hours doesn't seem that bad.

Does it transfer onto cup?

It survived eating a small bag of potato chips with very full color still on the lips.  It did transfer on to the cup I drank out of so if that is a problem for you, this will do that.

Day or Night makeup:   

This is going to be night makeup for me.  As much as I love the color and it never dried my lips out, the inability of it to cover my whole lip area is a problem since I do this often with my Wet N Wild lip liner in 666 Brandy Wine and have come to see lip liners as more easily controlled lip sticks.  If I had a lip stick in a similar color to the lip liner that was dense enough to completely cover my natural lip color this might move up to day makeup, but I also tend to prefer darker lip colors so it probably wouldn't be worn frequently.


Because of how bright the shade is I am not entirely sure why it was included in a kit without a matching lipstick.  The pinkish/purple lip stick which can be built up on the hand was no match for the brightness of this lip liner and ended up just making it look like a shimmery version of the lip liner color.  If I am truly going to make it work as a product, it will solely be to line the lips and then fill with a matching lip stick; only problem being I don't think I have a lip stick in similar color.

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