Saturday, March 23, 2013

How I Makeup My Mind About Makeup: Review Explanations Posts to Follow

While I have already posted one review about a lip liner and the way my review posts are/will be structured may give hints as to how I review things and what my expectations are, I thought it would be helpful to actually type them out and share them as everyone has different opinions on how makeup should work and this may help you decide if I would be a good source of information for you.

I currently have standardized review forms on:

Eye Liner
Lip Balm
Lip Liner
Lip Stick
Lip Gloss
Nail Polish

I am currently working on creating standardized review forms for:

Brow Powders/Pencils: I do not have a product of this type that I plan on reviewing even though I have ideas about what might be useful to know.

Highlighter: Things I can't really see a color for are harder to decide what criteria should be considered.

Eyeshadow Primer: I do not have a product of this type that I plan on reviewing even though I have ideas about what might be useful to know.

I am considering whether I should create standardized review forms for:

Face Primer: I own one face primer and it balls up off my skin and flakes off whenever I use it so I have yet to find one that is within my budget to replace it.  No primers, no reviews.

Foundation: I am very picky about foundation due to my skin being so thin and the red veins showing so easily and I have yet to find a foundation I like and therefor may not be the most helpful at describing them because my main, and only, concern is, does it make the redness go away.  I have also never been able to see a foundation help with uneven skin tones and I am thinking this is more about me expecting every foundation to be completely full coverage all the time and less to do with whether or not the foundation helps with evening out skin tones.  I am working on these problems and if I ever feel that I have resolved them, a review form will be created and shared.

Setting Powders: Same explanation as foundations.

Concealer: I tend to use concealer like a foundation so I am not using it the way it is supposed to be and I tend to completely rub it away while applying anyway, so I don't feel I could, at this time, review one in a way that would be useful.

Blush: As I previously mentioned above and in the introductory post, I have a lot of red veins showing because my skin is very thin.  This is most obvious in my cheeks and temple area, exactly where most people use blush, and since I have never found a foundation that I thought adequately covered the redness I am never sure if I am seeing the blush, or my veins so the most I could really tell you about a blush is, does it have shimmer in it or not, and swatch pictures which I don't consider enough for a full review.

Bronzer: I have never been able to use bronzer on my face to make my skin look tan or contoured despite completely using up a bronzer over the last several months.  Until I master this area of makeup I don't think a review would make sense.

There are probably other makeup products I am missing that I either could review or wouldn't review, so this list may expand, but for now, I will link the standardized forms and explanations for how I go about the review to the appropriate list items.  This may take a couple of days to get them all up, I have been rather exhausted to day thanks to allergies and back pain.

Thank you for your time.