Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mascara Review Form

Mascara reviews take a long time, like until I finish the mascara long time because as a cream product that tends to dry out a little bit every time you open it, I feel like a complete review for me will have something to do with how long it lasts and how it changes over time.

This form may expand as I review my first mascara although I do think this will cover most things I want to include.

Mascara: Brand, specific type, # color
Date Opened:    The day I opened the tube of mascara.

Date Closed:    Last day I was able to use the mascara.

Applied At:   

On one of the early days of use the below criteria will be tested.  This is the time in the day that I applied the mascara.

Cost: (Without any discounts)   

How much was paid if I know (how much it normally coats).

Wet or Dry mascara?   

Does it start as a wet or dry formula mascara.

Color of the mascara   

Color listed on the tube and whether or not that is the color it appears on the lashes.

Does it still look like I have the majority of my eyelashes? 

This is mostly a yes or no question.  I do separate my lashes with a spoolie and then curl my lashes before applying mascara so that does tend to help separate the lashes even with mascara that clump, but sometimes no matter what I do the mascara will clump.  So long as it looks like the majority of my lashes are still showing individually this will get a yes.

Did I end up with mascara places other than my eyelashes?

This may not be the mascara's fault every time because I have coordination issues., Very wet mascara's tend to end up on my eyelid and under my eyes much more quickly than a mascara that is only a slightly wet or dry mascara.   


Yes or no as to whether I find mascara under my eyes later in the day.

If yes, time until:   

What time I notice the flaking.

Does it smear when crying?   

Yes or no; I can trigger crying pretty easily if I need to so I will see if the mascara runs down my face after a good cry.

Easy to wash off?   

Yes or no; some mascara's are a pain to wash off, this will say whether or not that is the case.

Day or Night makeup:   

This is will say whether I will use the mascara during the day when out of my home or just at night for fun.


Not likely to have any for mascara but if I something I think would be useful to share, I will.

Website for brand:   

If I can find the website for the brand it will be listed here.

Date    Wet/Dry (1/0)

This part won't actually be shown, but in part of the review I will say how long the mascara is wet if it starts that way.