Thursday, May 2, 2013

Keep In Mind: April

Not reviewed Keep In Mind:

The Color Workshop eyebrow cake (brown side)

I love filling in my brows and I love the way this color looks in my brows.  It is slightly darker than the actual color of my eye brows, but I use a very light hand and the e.l.f. Professional Eye Liner Brush and it seems to come out looking fairly natural, but still somewhat bold.  If those two descriptives seems contradictory, they probably are, but depending on what I do with my eye makeup I have felt both types of looks from the brows with this product.  The only down side to this product is it will eventually run out and because it came in a kit that was purchased over a year and a half ago in a holiday set, it is unlikely I will be able to find it again.  But there are other inexpensive, but good, brow products and I will be sure to find them, and test them, and then tell you about them.

Reviewed Keep In Mind:

Madame Milly Eye Liner in brown

While I haven't gotten to use it beyond the testing time because it was reviewed so late in the month, this is probably the best a pencil eye liner has ever worked for me so I had to put in it here.  Up until I tested the eye liner I honestly wasn't sure I was going to have a reviewed favorite for the month of April and then this just blew me away.  It will be sure to be getting a lot of love from me on my husband's days off from work when I don't generally test makeup and just wear whatever I feel like wearing at the moment.