Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: ColorMates Nail Polish in Spring Fling

Nail Polish:    ColorMates Nail Polish in Spring Fling

Day Applied:    5/6/13

Cost: (Without any discounts)    $1.00 at the Dollar Tree

Coats until same color as the bottle:   

One coat probably would have been fine for getting to the color in the bottle because this is mostly shimmer so the color in the bottle itself is not that deep.

Cream    No
Shimmer    Yes
Glitter    Maybe, only if you consider the super tiny shimmer to actually be glitter.

Drying time:   

Five to ten minutes for touch dry, although I waited an hour before I was willing to do anything else with my hands because I tend to smudge my nails a lot.

Image after one coat:   

Image after two coats:   

Day Two:   

No chipping so far

Day Two Image    

Day Three:   

Right hand middle nail, very tiny chip.

Day Three Image    

Day Four:   

Right hand, middle nail, very tiny chip and index finger nail, very tiny chip.

Day Four Image    

Day Five:   

Same as yesterday

Day Five Image    

Day Six:   

One of the  very tiny chips on the right hand index nail is now a small chip.

Day Six Image    

Day Seven:   

Left hand index nail, there is a very small chip on the side of the nail, but I think that is my fault from picking at my nails.  Right hand nails looks the same.  There is tip wear across all nails, but it is really only just now becoming visible.

Day Seven Image   

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