Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wrap-Up Post: MUA (Makeup Academy Professional)

These were all purchased for me, by my husband, at CVS.

MUA products available at CVS were hit and miss for me. Overall the lip products, minus the lip primer, were hits, while everything else, minus the nude eye shadow palette was a miss. The MUA Crease brush I am neutral on, I will continue to use it, but I am not interested in getting any more of their eye shadow brushes.

Things I really did not like:

The MUA No-Crease Eye Shadow Base and the Lip Primer were probably the most disappointing of everything because they did not function at all. The longest the eye shadow primer went without creasing was 60 minutes, but most of the time it was creased by the first 30 minute check, so usually, before I was finished applying my makeup. The Lip Primer actually made my lip stick look worse most of the time, did nothing to smooth out the lips, and changed the color of every lip stick I put on top of it.

The eye shadow primer will now only be used as a swatch primer unless I can find new instructions for its application that actually make it work for me. The lip primer will be transferred to the night makeup collection so that it may serve some purpose other than taking up space.

Things that worked but not as well as I hoped:

The MUA brushes, primarily the BB/CC Brush, because bristles from it kept being left behind on my face even after being washed 12 times, and usually I would find 6 to 10 bristles on my face every time I used it. The Crease brush was neither scratchy or soft and its function for me is very limited but still helpful, so I will continue to get use out of this. It is not good for running color along the length of the crease, because the bristles are too long to apply with any control, but fine for if you want to dot a very small amount of a more pigmented eye shadow in a specific place which was how I ended up using it. The Metallic Eye Shadow Palette only half worked, because half of the shadows ended up looking more gray than whatever color they were supposed to be.

THE BB/CC brush is probably going to be a travel brush, because I don't really care if it gets messed up and I can deal with the bristles falling out. The Crease brush is still part of the daily makeup brush rotation right now because I do not have many brushes that are this small and so while it doesn't really work they way it seemed to be intended to work, it still does have a function for me. The metallic eye shadow palette is going into the night makeup collection because I don't want to bring it out to use and then be disappointed when the eye shadow does not look the way I thought it was going to; in the night makeup collection I am less worried about what it looks like and using it more to help pass time while waiting for my brain to start working or my body to stop hurting.

Things that worked well for me:

The Nude Eye Shadow Palette worked well for me because it created soft eye shadow looks and I like soft eye shadow looks. The lip balm, the high shine lip stick, the liquid lip stick, and the color intense lip stick, I loved. I want more of their lip products, I would like to try their lip liners, I wouldn't mind giving one of their glosses a try, their lip products, worked well for me. The lip balm was the easiest to apply, followed closely by the high shine lip stick, though being a nude color probably helped that. The liquid lip stick was easier for me to apply than the color intense lip stick, which were both reds, though if you want a shine, the color intense is the way to go since the liquid is a matte.

All of the above will be staying in the regular makeup collection and, when possible, I will hopefully be able to add to the lip product collection. One of the things I appreciate about the lip product collection from MUA is they seem to have, effectively the same colors, for each of the different types of lip products, so you could have the same color in a sheer formula, an opaque/shinny formula, a matte formula, and/or whatever the other types of formulas are.