Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review: MUA (Makeup Academy Professional) Intense Color Moisture Balm in (317) Red

This product was purchased for me, by my husband, at CVS. The last few times I have been in CVS I have not seen anything that looks like it, so it may no longer be available.

Swatch picture:

Top swatch: Several passes to build up color
Bottom swatch: Single pass to show color opacity of product

Notes from use/testing:

  • Very easy application
  • Popsicle like look
  • Waxy feel, but comfortable
  • Does not feel moisturizing, but does not feel drying either
  • Does kiss off
  • Does maintain some color through eating and drinking non-greasy food

This is a lip balm I really enjoy and thought I would get more use out of than I did, but I tend to wear warmer makeup and clothing so a cool toned red doesn't work as much for me as I had hoped. I am considering putting this in my purse to use when I am out of the house and actually want color on the lips more than shine. I would suggest that if you wear the red lipstick from this brand in the morning and you want something easier to reapply after lunch, this would be a good option. It isn't opaque like the lip stick, but it looks somewhat like the lipstick does when it is wearing down.

According to the MUA website when I was trying to find out if these were still available there were four colors in total; a nude, pink, and berry were also options. I wish I could find those other four because they would be perfect purse lip products for me and it would have been enough colors to cover most makeup looks.