Saturday, December 26, 2015

Review: Diamond Cosmetics Jumbo Lip in Spicy Classic Chic

This was purchased for me, by my husband, at Dollar Tree a while ago, so I am not sure of availability.

Swatch picture:

Top swatch: Multiple passes to build up color
Bottom swatch: Single pass to show color opacity of product

Notes from testing/use:

  • Applies patchy when applied directly to the lips
  • Applies smoothly when applied over a lip primer (specifically the Pixi Lip Primer and Lip Liner)
  • While over the lip primer the color did last several hours; did not eat during testing, but did drink through a straw, which it survived
  • Over primer the color does not appear as dark as it is in the tube, but without the primer I would not wear it
  • The cap does not want to stay on, ever

The lip primer is what saved this jumbo lip pencil and it does have to be a very specific type because when I tried it with a concealer type lip primer, it gave almost no color to the lips because the concealer lip primer over powered the pigmentation of the jumbo lip pencil. I will probably get future use out of this, but how often I am not sure. It is not bad enough for me to relegate it to the night makeup collection, but also not good enough for me to be excited about having it in the daily makeup collection.