Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: MUA (Makeup Academy Professional) Lip Primer 515

This was purchased for me, by my husband, at CVS.

When I first received this from my husband I was very excited to try it out.

Statement on the CVS website about this product:

Neutralizes lips to create the perfect palette for your lip color. Apply on naked lips as a base for any lip color.

  • Neutralizing lip primer works on any skin tone
  • Perfect lip base for any color
  • Prevent fading, bleeding or creasing of lip color
  • Velvety smooth texture

How it worked for me:

This is very dry and pulls on the lips when being applied, which left a very patchy and uneven appearance. When I rubbed my lips together to try and spread out the primer and even out the appearance, it just rubbed off. When I tried rubbing it in with my finger it smoothed out a bit better, but still made me feel as if it wasn't really helping the appearance of the lips. When I applied lip products over it, it mixed with the color I was applying on top of it and sheered out every lip stick I tried it with and made them all take on a brown undertone. I tried it with the highly pigmented MUA pomegranate lip stick, I tried it with lip sticks that really could have used some help in getting their weak pigmentation to show on the lips. This also appears to dry out the lips so I never left it on for long enough to see if it would help with the longevity of wear with the lip products I tried it with.

  • It says it neutralizes the lips and works with any skin tone, I am guessing that is assuming you do not see the color of the lip primer underneath the lip color you want to wear, which unfortunately, I always did.
  • It says it is the perfect lip base for any color, the only lip color it didn't appear to affect too much was the nude lip stick from MUA that is the exact same color, just in a high shine formula.
  • It says it prevents fading, bleeding or creasing of lip color, it was too uncomfortable for me to wear to really find any of that out.
  • It says it has a velvety smooth texture, mine was incredibly dry from the first time I opened the tube and swatched it on the back of my hand.

To me this is not really a lip primer. A lip primer should not effect the color of the lip stick that is going on top of it. I have a lip primer from Pixi, that unfortunately appears to no longer be available, but it is clear and has a waxy consistency, which seems to work well at clinging to whatever pigment is in a lip stick and making it show more fully as well as last longer. I have even had an EOS lip balm work better as a lip primer than this did and I cannot recommend it, not even under the very limited scope of nude lip sticks with a brown base because it is too drying and uncomfortable on the lips.