Monday, January 4, 2016

Influenster Review: Foot Petals Killer Kushionz

This was sent to me by Influenster, for free, for the purposes of testing and review.

On the card information:

Killer Kushionz $12.95

Killer Kushionz offer the type of comfort every foot deserves, providing full protection from heel to ball-of-foot. Wear any heel, any time, all the time. petals
Instagram: @footpetals
Twitter: @FootPetals

On the packaging information:

Great for open and closed toe shoes
3/4 insoles
Cushion from heel to ball-of-foot

Keep feet from sliding forward
Eliminate "toe scrunch" and "ugly overhang"
Absorb shock and cushion feet with every step
Help prevent calluses from forming

  1. Remove adhesive backing
  2. Position in clean, dry area
  3. Press firmly in place
  4. Adhesive on the back of cushion is permanent; not recommended to remove and reuse
Tina's Tip
"These are perfect for platforms or wedges to help keep your foot stable."
Tip #9
Tina Aldatz, Founder and Certified Pedorthist.
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Poron| performance cushioning
Provides superior shock absorption that never goes flat. This lightweight breathable material keeps your feet cool, dry and comfortable with every step...GUARANTEED!

Made in USA ©2013 100% recyclable

Foot Petals, Inc.
13405 Yarmouth Road
Pickerington, OH 43147

How I used them:

Since I do not wear heels, but I do wear sandals, even in winter, I put these in my sandals. As best as I could, I centered them, from side to side, in the shoe, placing the back of the insole as close to where it looked like my heel was hitting the back of the sandal.

How they worked:

They feel weird in sandals that are basically flat. Because the sandal is slightly wider than my foot, and the insole is narrower than my foot, my foot always feels like it is hanging over the edge of the insole and not properly resting on the sandal. It actually makes walking feel awkward sometimes. Also, I am fidgety and I curl my toes on a regular basis while wearing the sandals and that makes the front end of the insole lift up from the sandal and I think after two weeks I may be wearing out the adhesive on the insole.

I would like to think these would work better in high heels where the shoe is tighter to the foot and the sensation of the foot not resting properly on the insole and shoe would be less of an issue, but since I do not wear heels I can neither confirm or refute this possibility.