Saturday, January 9, 2016

Empties: November through December 2015

Some of these things were used up completely, some of them I just felt it was time to finally let them go, like when it spanned multiple years of use.

Colormates Mascara in black:

While it is not empty, I have used it for three months and it is time to go. There is a 6 month icon on the back of the packaging, and while this did work well and I would be willing to use it for another three months, I already opened its replacement from e.l.f., the 3-in-1 Mascara my husband gave me during makeup advent.

The Color Workshop (Markwins) cream something:

I am not really sure what these were supposed to be, but all I ever really used them for was swatching on the back of my hand and getting glitter everywhere. They were part of the second The Color Workshop kit my husband bought for me at the end of 2011 so they have made it to four years old and I still don't know what to do with them, so I am throwing them away. It is difficult for me to get rid of something like this because I am sure they had a function, but as a cream eye shadow they do almost nothing, and they were a bit messy.

The Color Workshop (Markwins) Eye Brow Cake:

This is from the same kit as the previous thing and it is the eye brow cake that will never die. I even used the blue/gray side as an eye shadow a few times. The kit came with two of them and I still haven't opened the second one. I am getting rid of this mainly because I have been using the same eye brow cake for four years now and I want to use something different. This isn't bad, it actually works really well, which is why I am not throwing away the second one of it that I have, but the packaging on this one has been broken for at least a year now and I have nearly a dozen other eye brow things to use, so I would like to move on from this finally. This was replaced with the Colormates brow powder duo and I am using the medium shade out of it.

e.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzer in Golden Glow:

This I have been using for, I am not really sure how long any more, long enough I got bored scrolling back through my daily makeup tumblr before figuring it out. As you can see, the packaging is broken and since there is a pretty good amount of pan showing in this, I decided to let it go. Bronzer is probably my third most prolific thing in my makeup collection after eye shadows and lip products. I am replacing it with two from Physicians Formula, one specifically to contour with and the other to bronze with.

Enregin Make Up Foundation:

Pretty sure this was in light. I mixed this with the L.A. Colors foundation in Natural, not to correct the shade, but to make it a little thicker and that a little thinner so that it was easier to use. Not planning on getting again. This was replaced with Benefit's You Rebel Lite and Hello Flawless foundations which I am using based on whether I leave the house that day (you rebel lite is very yellow on me).

L.A. Colors liquid eyeliner in black:

This is also one of my older products and there is still stuff in there, but the brush started to get a little messed up, so I finally replaced it with a Wet n Wild black liquid liner that I think I may like more, though I cannot fault this one for wear time or ease of application.

Laneige BB Cushion sample (light):

I have the full sized version of this and after using the sample, I am looking forward to using it someday. I am torn over whether to get rid of the medium and dark samples; I know they are two dark for me, but I still look at them and think they may be useful someday. But the sponge included is very challenging to clean so that will most likely provide the motivation to let it go.

Madame Milly Highlighter:

This is over three years old, but not quite four years old, and was used as a highlighter and an under eye setting powder because I am really pale and this actually worked with my skin tone. I cannot believe how long this lasted me, I am afraid to guess how long its replacement will last, a Physicians Formula face powder that said it was a highlighter in the packaging, but I question whether it was correct because it came in  generic packaging and looks like some face powders/bronzers I have from them. I liked this, it worked well for me.

Mary Kay timewise age-fighting moisturizer for combination to oily skin:

This was okay during the summer, but not so great once the weather started getting colder, and by colder I mean below 70. Now that we are in the 40s and 50s most days it doesn't stand a chance at keeping my skin hydrated on its own. It is being replaced with a couple of Ponds moisturizers, one of which is supposed to help with wrinkles, the other helps with evening skin tone.

Maybelline Cool Effects Twists:

A cream eye shadow I used both alone and as an eye shadow base. I really like this, I have four more hiding in my Maybelline eye shadow drawer. I am getting rid of this one because I have been using it for over three years and while it is only half empty, it is time. It smells fine, it still works, I am just finally ready to use something else. Being replaced with the e.l.f. smudge pot in brownie points.

Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer in 001:

I have two more of these in the Revlon drawer. It was okay, good coverage, creased a little quick under the eyes. This is completely empty. It is being replaced for now with some e.l.f. tone correcting concealers I have had too long and want to work through before they go bad.