Monday, January 4, 2016

Influenster Review: Not Your Mother's Whip It Up Cream Styling Mousse

This was sent to me by Influenster, for free, for the purposes of testing and review.

Information on card from Influenster:

2.1 oz $3.00
7 oz $7.00

Whip It Up is a delicious vanilla cupcake scented mousse rich in moisturizers to tame frizzed and help thicken strands. It may smell sweet, but this salon formula styling mousse won't leave your fingers (or your hair) sticky!
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Application Directions from canister:

Shake, shake, shake! Turn can upside down and dispense a small amount into the hand. Work evenly through hair, concentrating at the roots to create volume and hold for any big style you crave. Proceed with styling.

How it worked best for me:

For best application I found that having my head flipped down so that I was able to concentrate the product at the roots of my hair was easiest. I don't really style my hair, it is naturally wavy, so I usually just use a detangling spray and then comb through and let it air dry. I would apply the mousse after using the detangling spray and combing, then comb again, and wait for it to air dry. The mousse is light enough not to weigh down the natural waviness of my hair, though I cannot really say whether or not it provided any hold of the style of my hair.

The way it seemed to help my hair the most was in next day hair. Usually after sleep my hair will flatten out at the top of my head, when I used the mousse I noticed my hair had more volume on the second day, which is what led me to recommend this product to my husband's mother, who has been looking for something to help with volume on short hair.

It does smell like vanilla cupcakes and I do not think it left my hands sticky after using it, but I also always washed my hands after using it because that is just what I do after using any and all products that come in contact with my skin. My hair has never felt sticky during testing. It did help with keeping my hair from becoming staticky on the days I used it, but not our humidifier. I could not test whether it would help with frizz as we are not currently in their season.

The one negative for me, and it is a minor one, is that the cap is always messy. No matter how well I wipe off the excess, the next time I go to use it, there is mousse in the cap. I am sure that is just part of the nature of the product and its packaging, but being a person who likes to keep everything neat and clean, it does bug me a little, though not enough to not use it.