Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Note: Donna Michelle Color Changing Nail Strips

So far I don’t think we have found anything from the Donna Michelle brand that actually works well at the Dollar Tree, but we keep trying and since I like all things nail related it seems, when my husband saw the nail art stickers he picked up a couple, the one shown below and a second one I haven’t had the heart to try yet that has flowers on it.

What are the Donna Michelle Color Changing Nail Strips:

They are saran wrap feeling nail stickers that are supposed to change colors in the sunlight.

How it was applied:

I followed, very carefully the directions on the back of the package.

- Clean nails with nail polish remover and thoroughly dry nails before applying nail strips.
- Choose appropriate nail strip.
- Peel the nail strip off from backing.
- Align the curved edge of the nail strip at the edge of the cuticle bed.
- With a nail file trim down and file any unused portion of the nail strip.

The rest of what was on the back under instructions:

- The color will change when the nail strips are in the sun.
- After removing the nail strips use nail polish to clean your nails.

What I learned that I want to remember:

So first I want to say, to its credit, the white part did change color when I went out into the sunlight to a rather dirty looking not quite flesh tone, color. The color it changed to wasn’t really the color it showed on the package, but that might have been a good thing, because the color on the package is a green shade that, at least for me, the flesh tone was better, although not great.

As far as how the stickers themselves looked after being applied, I have used nail strips before, I am not a stranger to them. While I do not consider myself an expert, I have gotten them to go on well before with little problem. These, all ten of the ones I used ended up having really jagged edges and tearing at the nail tips. And what was even stranger was that the base of the nail part tore as well when I was trying to gently push the cuticle edge down around the cuticle with an orange stick, not even using the pointy bit, just the side of it so that it would be laying flat. So none of the nail sticker ended up looking nice and they all tore really easily and they did not even last a whole hour on the nails before several of them had more torn bits coming off for reasons I am not even sure about. I couldn’t even get all of the air bubbles out with the pads of my fingers because these tore so easily.

So my husband knows not to buy any more and I am trying to decide what to do with the other one I have with flowers on them. I don’t want to give them to anyone because even if I gave them to my nieces to play with, I would want them to work for them, I don’t want to give people stuff that doesn’t work and will make them frustrated. So they sit in the nail art part of my nail collection, waiting for me to get bored one day or night and try them again, hoping that they work better.