Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Empties: Makeup I Have Used Up: 04-19-2014

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation in Buff

It has been a while since I managed to use up a makeup product and I forgot how exciting that can be to be within the last two uses of something and then to finally use it up. Then again, I probably still had two uses worth of it today, but I just wanted it done and to move on to the next thing to use up that I went really heavy handed with and I am probably currently several shades darker than I would be normally.

So what did I think of this Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation now that I have used this one and the one in Mocha that I used up previously? They were okay. They don't last that long over the course of the day, at least not over the Moisturizer, Primer, Foundation, and Concealer that I use and considering the concealer I use is also from Sheer Cover, that is kind of sad. Then again, it could be the concealer that is wearing off too fast and so the Mineral Foundation comes off as well. It does seem to give better coverage than the concealer, which doesn't say much for the concealer, but I use the concealer like a foundation to even out my skin tone and the liquid foundation is just being used to use it up because it is a really poor foundation but I cannot bring myself to throw anything away until it is empty at this point. Do not expect this to cover any blemishes, it just tones down the redness more than the concealer does for me.

It is not matte, there is a shimmer quality to it and sometimes it is more obvious than other times, but I think that has to do in part with the brush and in part with how heavy handed I was with applying it. When I was using the large e.l.f. professional flawless face brush, it did not apply well at all and was very patchy, but once I switched to the Kirkland Powder brush it started working much better for me so I think with the right tools and the right shade it can probably look nice, I just wouldn't expect it to be there at the end of the day if you wore this to work.

This container and the other empty one, provided I can find it again, will be used to test out my Everyday Minerals Foundation samples I received ages ago but have never tried because they are in pouches and I had no way to use them. But first, since it is open and almost done, I will first be finishing up my Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder in Creamy Natural, which I only stopped using because I was getting tired of the loose powder in the Sheer Cover containers spilling out into the tops. I really don't like loose powder makeup, I do not like messy things and they are almost always messy. I may not be a neat freak with everything, but with my makeup, I want it to be neat and clean at all times, seriously, I dust my makeup and makeup drawers once a week, when my arms and back are working, which is not that often really, but I try.

Fortunately this should not take long to complete. Then I have another Physicians Formula loose setting powder product to use up, and then the Everyday Minerals stuff and then I think I will be free of Mineral Foundation and I will rejoice and be happy.