Monday, April 28, 2014

One Note: Revlon Nail Art Neon in 120 Light Neon

This is a One Note because I am pretty sure this is going to be removed shortly from my nails and is being posted more to remind me to tell my husband not to bother buying any more of the duel-ended nail polishes from Revlon because they have been more miss than hits for me. Granted this one is kind of old, but it is also the first time I used it, although it does kind of look like maybe it had been opened in the store before he bought it because the yellow end was half empty or more. But either way, it is very gloppy and not nice.

Okay, so what is the Revlon Nail Art Neon in 120 Light Neon. It is a duel ended nail polish with a white base coat on one side and a gel like yellow color on the other side. I call it gel like because it is actually kind of transparent in color, like you can see through it on the brush so this is not going to be opaque on its own.

I applied the white base coat first as intended, on all ten nails and it did dry fairly quickly which was nice. It also seemed thinner like a regular nail polish, I mention this because I generally find that the duel ended nail polishes from Revlon tended to be very thick, so I was happy that it was a thinner consistency. Unfortunately it was also streaky and required two coats (shown in the picture) to be opaque on the nails.

Then I started to apply the yellow side of the nail polish and discovered that in order to get the brush coated in the polish I would have to re-close the brush into the polish and shake it every time so I am pretty sure this was emptied out by someone before my husband bought it, but because he probably bought it in a clearance bin, he may not have looked that closely, normally he does. Then again, he also got me a pink one that was half full and he said that was the fullest one of the bunch, so maybe these didn’t come full to begin with. Not sure, can’t really judge, I don’t think you can get them anymore. Anyway, I didn’t do the thumbs because I could barely coat one of the smaller nails with what I could get out each time I opened and closed the bottle. Also it was very gloppy like I mentioned earlier and this is not the first time I have found that with one of the Revlon duel ended polishes. I have some of the moon candy polishes and I find that often times, even on a fresh, never been opened before, when they were just released so it wasn’t because it had been sitting too long, the color base was super thick and would never go on smooth and I just don’t like them.

What is also not nice about the wear on these is they seemed dry, like I washed my hands and no smudging, but while typing this two of them now have huge smudges in them and I type with my finger pads, not my nails and my nails are all fairly short right now. This is also something that I found happening with the moon candy polishes as well so I am guessing it is just something about the formula for this line because I have used regular Revlon polishes and not had these problems.

I have seen the Sun Candy polishes in store and I want them so badly because the colors look so nice, but if I can’t make the ones I already have work, and I have not heard anything about them being reformulated from the originals I am not going to be able to justify getting them. The way I store the ones I have from the Moon Candy collection is so that the flakey side is down because that side generally seemed to work just fine for me in the ones that I have used so far, it has only ever been the color side that hasn’t worked out for me, but yet, really have to not want the Sun Candy polishes even though the colors looks so pretty on them and I would probably love staring at the bottles even if they were as bad as the other ones that I have used so far.