Thursday, April 24, 2014

Samples: L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

This was a sample that came in a magazine so it is entirely possible that the way it worked for me is different from how it would be if it had been in the proper container.

First, what the card claimed:


The 30 Second Miracle

Try it to believe it

Directions: Apply Miracle Blur in the palm of hand to see instant results


What is Miracle Blur?

It’s not a moisturizer, primer or foundation: Miracle Blur is the first-of-its-kind Finishing Cream, specially formulated with a distinctive cushiony texture.

What does it do?

Miracle Blur instantly erases the look of lines, wrinkles and pores. Skin instantly looks and feels smooth, leaving a velvet-soft matte finish that lasts all day.

When should I use it?

Use daily after applying moisturizer. Wear alone for a flawless matte finish. Wear under foundation for smoother, more even application and wear.

Then there is a list of ingredients none of which looked like ones I am allergic to.

I put the sample into a separate container so that I could photograph it and just in case I got more than one use out of the sample provided.

Thoughts about the sample:

This product is a little confusing to me because as a finishing cream I would think it was supposed to go on after all the makeup is finished because that is what finishing means to me, but perhaps the card was just poorly worded.

When I applied the product all over my face my eyes began watering but I finished applying it and then the rest of my makeup before my face started to burn. It turns out I am allergic to one of the ingredients in this, but I don’t know which one so I am keeping the card for now until we can figure out which one it is to add to the list of things to avoid. But for the few minutes that it was on I did look at it pretty closely.

Instead of making my skin matte it looked very shinny and I do not have normally oily skin. What is even worse is that the shinny look was still there after everything else was piled on top of it.

Since the foundation I wear is pretty poor to begin with, any improvement in appearance would be great, unfortunately I did not see any improvement in the foundation so I don’t know that this benefit is really there, although it could be because the foundation itself is so bad.

If you want to see what this sample was worn with, please see my Daily Makeup post linked here about that day’s makeup.