Friday, May 2, 2014

Keep In Mind: April 2014

This is probably going to seem like something of a “yeah, dud” kind of Keep in Mind, but because of my personality, if someone gives me something, I am going to try and make the best of it, even if it doesn’t really work for my skin tone. The only way I would not use something is if I turn out to be allergic to it and then I would try and find someone to give it to that can make use of it.

So for this month’s Keep In Mind:

Foundation that actually matches your skin tone!

I have a lot of foundations, most from the drug store, all generally the lightest shade in the line because my husband knows that if the lightest shade doesn’t match me it is probably because it is too dark and there isn’t going to be a shade in the line to match me. I have yet to find a foundation that is actually too light for me which is probably why I got shade matched to M.A.C’s NW10.

I have spent what seems like the last whole year using up two Sheer Cover Mineral foundations because my husband’s parents bought a Sheer Cover starter kit for me when I first started getting back into makeup. I don’t know if this kit was in the lightest shade or if it was a medium shade, all I know is that both of the foundations and concealers that came with it are all too dark, but me being the “I can make it work” kind of person that I am, used them anyway. It probably helped that initially I wasn’t wearing the makeup out of the house so the only person seeing it on me was my husband and he is a little too kind and always said it looked fine. No matter how much I tried to convince him that it would be better to let me know if something doesn’t look right than it would be to have me leave the house with funky makeup going on, he always says it looks fine, no matter what.
But I finally used up the last of the two Sheer Cover Mineral foundations the other day and decided instead of just continuing with my Physicians Formula Powder over the Donna Michelle foundation I normally use, I wanted to test out the sample of the M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid foundation I had received last year when I got shade matched, in the summer, I’m pretty sure, might have been spring, hard to remember. First I was amazed it was still useable because I was pretty sure I had held on to the sample too long but it looked fine, smelled fine, and the consistency seemed fine. I applied it, kind of marveled at the fact that it didn’t really need much, if any, blending down the neck because it is such a good shade match for me. Then I added a light layer of the Physicians Formula Face Powder to set it and then I proceeded to do my contour with my e.l.f. Bronzer, which up until that moment, no matter how much I applied, I had never actually been able to see on my skin. Well low and behold, when I used a foundation and setting powder that actually was within the reasonable range for my skin the contour actually showed up and I always use a very light hand with that powder. I just dip the brush in lightly and then start building up the contour on my face. With the correct foundation shade I didn’t even have to go back into the pan to get more powder because the smallest amount was all that was actually needed to contour one side of my cheek. I was stunned because I hadn’t realized the Sheer Cover Mineral foundations were that far off. Then I used a peach blush on the second day of trying the sample and it truly showed for the first time as well which also made me very happy because while the pink blushes have always shown, the peach ones have never shown on my skin and I did wonder if it was just because they weren’t as good even though they were from some of the same brands the pink ones were from.

I’m not sure yet what I think of the M.A.C foundation itself, it seems to require very quick working into the skin because it sets very quickly and I am not so quick with the makeup generally. A quick look takes me at least an hour if my right arm is doing well and if it is not, it has been known to take up to three hours, although two is pretty common.

I have always thought that if you can afford to splurge on only one item in your makeup routine, foundation would probably be the thing to splurge on, because it is the base of your makeup, it is the canvas all other products go on top of. But we generally cannot afford to splurge on makeup and I don’t wear it very consistently so there has always been the concern of we would buy something high end and by the time I got around to using it, it would be expired. But it seems this sample at least stored and lasted a decent amount of time and if I could use up most of the other foundations I have, maybe then I will feel better about telling my husband, from now on I only want better foundation that has been shade matched to me. I do have a Benefit foundation that I was shade matched to for my birthday last year, not sure how quickly I will get to using that, I have a lot of foundations that are older than that one and I still have a problem with using high end products on non-special occasion days. But maybe this experience with the M.A.C foundation sample will help me and I will feel better about using the Benefit foundation more regularly, like any day my husband is home and the odds are higher that I will leave the house at some point; that would seem reasonable. Use the drug store foundation on the days I am home all day and just playing, use the matched foundation on the days when I want to be sure the foundation is going to look right on me on the days I might actually go somewhere. Whether or not that actually gets put into practice is hard to say. If you follow my Daily Makeup tumblr you can see how successful I am with it.