Thursday, May 8, 2014

Samples: Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer

I received this sample in the packaging with the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Brightening Sunscreen Makeup Foundation in “I’m pure 4 sure” Ivory that my husband got me for my birthday last year. It has taken me this long to actually use it, nearly nine months.

I got four uses out of this sample, which considering the size, I thought was a pretty good test of the product.

Link to product details on Benefit’s website

Claims on Benefit’s website:

Why we love it!

Flawless works overtime! Our instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh & flawless hours. This invisible stick primer glides directly onto skin for optimal wear and a natural-looking finish. Go longer. Stay flawless!

How to apply

Glide this innovative primer stick directly onto skin, then immediately apply foundation, blending together on face.


The results are in…and they’re flawless!
94% said it helps foundation last longer*
97% saw an improvement in the look of skin/complexion*
94% said it increased foundation coverage*
97% said it enhanced foundation’s performance*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey when worn with hello flawless liquid foundation & powder.

Thoughts about the product:

First about the claims, this stuff does act like a magnet for the foundation, not sure if it would actually last 15 hours because I am pretty sure I never actually wore my foundation for a whole 15 hours, but I did do at least 12 hours on one day and the foundation along with all of the other face products I applied, did still seem to be there at the end of the day which kind of blew my mind because I am used to all of the face products being gone by the end of the day.

As to it gliding directly on to the skin, this I am not sure I can say yes or no to since I was using a sample and I had to apply it with my fingers instead of straight out off the stick that you would be using with the full sized product. I can say that applying with the sample was kind of challenging because once in contact with the skin it made my face actually feel kind of sticky; not in an icky way, but it in a, if makeup product was applied on top of it, it immediately stuck to that spot kind of way, so my fingers ended up dragging along the skin. I could not apply my foundation with my fingers either like I normally do, not even my Dollar Tree purchased foundation that normally blends away to nothing when I apply it.

This also brings up a problem I have with the instructions given on the Benefit website for how to use this. It says to blend the matching Benefit foundation over the top of it with your fingers, but with the way this stuff sticks to the skin and makes the foundation stick to it, I am not sure any foundation would apply will over the top of it using your fingers. I had to use a duo-fiber foundation brush and blend it into the skin that way or it streaked when applied with my fingers. It also seemed to require using more of the Dollar Tree purchased foundation although in the end I didn’t mind because it made that foundation actually give medium coverage whereas normally it gives none what-so-ever and I only use it because I can’t throw anything away until it is empty or broken.

I did think the finish of the product was invisible and natural looking although with the sticky feeling it wasn’t natural feeling and did take a bit to get used it. After a while the sticky feeling does go away, although I did end up using the e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set spray to help speed that up.

Now onto the claims from the consumer panel survey:

It did help my foundation last longer, then again, it helped it actually stick to the skin which it never does anyway so any increase in time would be an improvement in that case.

The, seeing an improvement in the look of the skin/complexion, I have a hard time believing. I am not sure if this is supposed to be after using it for a while and without makeup on, or that this invisible primer is supposed to do something for the look of the skin with it on, on its own. It didn’t change the look of my skin with it on by itself and I did get three clogged pores while using it, although that could have also been something that was going to happen anyway so I don’t really want to blame the primer for that.

As I said earlier, it definitely helped increase the coverage of the Dollar Tree purchased foundation. I am not sure if it actually helped the coverage of the M.A.C foundation I also tried on top of it as I remember the M.A.C foundation having medium coverage when the person at the M.A.C store applied it on me with the M.A.C primer and M.A.C powder she set it with.

I think the “enhanced foundations performance” and “increased foundation’s coverage” could be saying the same thing. I think between it making a really cheap, normally very poorly preforming foundation last all day and actually giving coverage where previously there had been none would be the same as saying it “enhanced the foundation’s performance” so I will also give them this one, but I am not sure if it is really any different from the other two. If it is supposed to mean something else, someone let me know.

Would I actually buy this:

Definitely! Anything that can make a $1 foundation I have previously thought was completely worthless and was only using because I have it and I can’t throw things away until they are empty, work like an actual foundation and tone down the redness in my cheeks and slightly cover blemishes on the skin is worth buying to me. The price for this is $32 according to the website so it would only get used on days when I think I might actually leave the house, otherwise I would be afraid I would use it up too quickly and wouldn’t be able to keep repurchasing it, but if I ever get back to healthy enough to hold a regular job again, this will most definitely being going on my “worth spending the money on” list to make whatever other makeup goes on over the top of it look and work better.

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