Saturday, November 7, 2015

Review: MUA Liquid Lipstick in 204 Bright Red

This was purchased for me, by my husband, at CVS.

The MUA Liquid Lipstick in Bright Red is opaque in color, matte in appearance once it dries down, and long wearing. The only truly negative thing I can say about it, is that it is hard to get off once you have it on; I am still trying to figure out the best method of removal after several uses.

Full notes from use:

  • Applied easily, most likely due to the applicator, would recommend wiping down the excess off the applicator before using or it can get a bit unruly when trying to apply.
  • Dries down very quickly once on the lips, recommend holding the lips apart until it is fully dry because until it is fully dry, it can stick together which can cause bit of the skin on the lips underneath to show through when pulled apart. Only a problem for the first minute of application, afterwards did not have a problem with.
  • This is a matte liquid lip stick, does not feel drying, but does not feel moisturizing either.
  • Did not transfer off the lips when kissing, but did when drinking from a straw, though full color was still on the lips.
  • Survived eating sausages and a hamburger which I did not expect.
  • Layers on top of self well if you need to reapply later, but would recommend keeping a supply of cotton swabs to immediately clean up around the lip edge because it does dry and stain quickly if it travels outside of the lip line.
  • Does work over a balm if it feels too dry on the lips, but wear time is no longer all day.
  • Was able to wear for 8+ hours without touching up and still looked fine.
  • Difficult to remove and I could end up with red stains on the lips for at least one day after wearing.

I liked this enough my husband bought two more colors for me already. I am interested in getting the matching red lip liner from MUA to go with it, as there are days where I had a little bit of trouble getting right to the edge of the lip line, but that was more due to me being a bit weak as on the days when my arms were working well, getting the color on the lips fully, was not a problem. I would consider wearing a clear lip liner around the outside edge of the lip line. While I did not experience any problems with bleeding outside the lip line during use, anything this bold, if it did bleed outside the lip line, would be obvious.